The new year brings many resolutions. For golfers, keeping fit, hitting the local course more often and improving our game are all important promises. One of the best ways to achieve these aims is to invest in some new golf technology. The following game-changing golf products will change the way you see the course and help you develop a new appreciate for the sport of golf.

Mark Mender Divot Tool

One of the most advanced in its class yet technologically-basic golf devices for 2017 is the Mark Mender. It is a common courtesy to look after the green for other players – and competitors. Ball marks can leave a once pristine green in a mess if not handled correctly. The Mark Mender is a genius divot repair tool with a four pronged “poke and pinch” system that mends the green and covers up the mark in no time at all.


ball mark divot tool

The use of “space-age” polymers means that this divot tool should hold out for thousands of rounds. The small size allows it to easily fit into a golf bag, so there is no excuse not to carry it with you. If that wasn’t enough, this divot tool doubles as a cigar holder, as well as grip rest and ball mark. In essence, it’s a four-in-one divot repair tool that takes the win among all other devices in its class. Ideal for golf tournament giveaways, custom promo items, or unique groomsmen golf gifts, the Mark Mender is a great tool for many needs.

Learn more about this innovative divot repair tool at

Garmin CourseView GPS System

Garmin CourseView GPS SystemA GPS system is a must for any golfer and the new year is the ideal time an upgrade. As always, the key names are here to help with new and improved versions of well-loved devices. The Garmin Approach series is continually evolving to meet our needs o n the green and this new S6 version is no different.

The CourseView system provides clear data on the course layout (and hazards) on a full color screen. This is much more accessible and attractive than some other models. The addition of the Touch Targeting system provides greater accuracy on specific distances. Add in the smart design, 10 hour battery life and messaging functions and it is easy to see what this is on the top of many wish-lists.

Learn more about the Garmin CourseView GPS System at

Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System

Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking SystemIf you don’t like the idea of wearing big GPS watches and tracking equipment, there is another method. The Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System is a more streamlined approach that uses a system of sensors on the golf club and your smartphone. The sensors provide data on the motion and accuracy of the swing to provide lots of helpful data.

The system is currently compatible with both iPhone and Android models and appears to be pretty reliable, with a strong GPS system. It is a great alternative for those that want to improve their game without feeling as though they are wearing a large command center.

See the inside scoop on the Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System at

Microsoft Band 2 Fitness Device

microsoft band 2Another interesting wearable is the Microsoft Band 2. The reason for this is its versatility as a sporting and fitness device. Some keen golfers are sure to have dismissed this option in favor of more specialist products. However, the new golfing update in this 2nd gen model means that this smartwatch/fitness tracker is highly beneficial for the right user. There is the opportunity to measure progress and performance on the green, with maps, score cards and shot analysis.

It also measures activity levels, heart rate and other fitness data. This is perfect for those that are using golf as a shortcut to their fitness-based new year resolutions. Furthermore, the display is attractive (unless you hate the Windows style), the band is comfortable and there is a pretty reliable GPS system.

For more information about the Microsoft Band 2 Fitness Device, visit

Local SEO copywriting is a fickle beast. Depending on the business and where it is located it, it can be vital to ensure the site’s copy is on point.

Copywriting with layers of creativity and strategic-minded thinking is also the best way to standout in a competitive search landscape. It can also be the difference maker in generating click-throughs when your NOT ranking #1 for a primary keyword target.

There are a few savvy tips that my colleagues and I have been experimenting with. Having done local SEO for hundreds of businesses, we’ve figured out a few things that seem to work. And work rather quickly. Without further introduction, here are three local SEO copywriting tips that you can leverage right now.

Testing Different Page Titles

The page title, which appears as the main headline link in Google’s search results, directly impacts a site’s SEO based on the keywords it’s targeting. For local SEO, it’s a pretty common trend to see the following formula in place: {primary keyword/business model} {city/location}.

Here’s an example. I work for Captivate Search Marketing, an Atlanta SEO and Internet marketing. As such, our primary keyword phrase is “Atlanta SEO company.”

atlanta seo company

Our challenges are: we don’t rank in the top three for our primary keyword phrase (yet,) and everyone and their brother uses “Atlanta SEO Company” in the title of their homepage.

So just recently, we implemented the bullet point divider and our newly trademarked phrase:

Local Atlanta SEO Company

With this phrase being the brainchild of my superior at Captivate Search Marketing, I couldn’t agree more when he told me “using special characters such as a Trademark Symbol is a cool way to stand out.”

No doubt, testing different page titles is both cool and creative. Try implementing unique verbiage to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not in the top 3-5, sometimes you don’t have much to lose.

Infusing CTAs & Unique Verbs in Descriptions

While your at with your page titles, you might as well experiment with new and different meta descriptions. One SEO copywriting best practice is use various calls-to-action, or CTAs. Some of the most common yet effective are “Schedule a Free Consultation” or “Get a Complimentary Local SEO Audit.”

I really love what this guy does in his meta description. He also ranks #1 for ‘link building strategies,’ at the time this article was published.

google seo

As something I mention time in time in my Google Ads training course at Yisoo, I also suggest playing with your word choice and trying unique, thesaurus-inspired verbs. For instance, a few of my favorites are “Leverage, Apply, Consider, Buffer, Mitigate, Go Beyond, Stimulate, Invigorate, and Own.” There are probably thousands of other great ideas out there, but hopefully you get the idea.

Bring Creativity & Novelty to Your Copy

Especially in headers, be creative beyond your use of keywords. Speak to your target audience as if they were right in front of you. Display your passion for your product/service and add some personality and flavor to your tone.


The copy on your website is just one of many elements that makes up your brand identity. Having a voice that cuts through the bland and boredom of a particular industry or service sector is what motivates visitors to take action and convert. It’s also almost impossible for your competitors to copy.

These foundational local SEO copywriting tips are vital to keep your site fresh with new ideas and layers of creativity. Like I mentioned above, if you don’t rank in the top three, playing with these concepts can help draw attention to your site’s search engine listing and promote more click-throughs.

My name is Tyler Tafelsky, this article was contributed on behalf local SEO and Google Maps marketing company, Get in touch with for a free consultation or just to say hello. I will personally scope out your business and see how we can help provide insights surrounding local and Google Maps SEO and Google search marketing consulting solutions.

Data shows that more and more people are accessing the web (and using Google search) on their mobile devices. And yet, if marketers do not take certain steps to ensure that they have a mobile-friendly web presence, they can be losing out on serious SEO opportunities.

Enter: AMPsmobile

AMPs, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a new project developed by Google. AMP ensures that the mobile version of a website is streamlined, user friendly, and aesthetically appealing on all mobile devices. As such, it is a powerful tool for Internet marketing and SEO companies, no matter what type of product or service is being marketed.

What Does AMP Offer?

AMP is a tool that you can use when you publish the mobile version of your site (or individual webpages within your site). Installing AMP before you hit ‘publish’ ensures that what your site visitors will see is a beautiful, swift, efficient and easy to navigate web page whether they have entered your site using a laptop or a smartphone.

AMP works not just for written words, but also for video content (including GIFs), audio content, images and practically anything you might want to include in your website.

All that you need here is a simple WordPress plugin that applies AMP to your site and all of its pages. Or, if you do not use WordPress, simply grab the freely available HTML source code. It is likely that AMP plugins will be rolled out across a wider variety of content management systems in the near future.

Further, the AMP Project is very useful because it comes in an open source format: it is thus free for all marketers to use. This makes it a boon for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Why Should Marketers be Excited About AMP?

The mobile version of a website used to be seen as the poorer version of that site. It was often slower, harder to navigate, ridiculously oversized given the size of the screen (and thus necessitating some careful and constantly scrolling to find vital pieces of information) and lacking all of the frills (and thus the thrills) of the version of the site that is designed to be viewed on a computer. No wonder mobile users felt like they were getting second best. google amp mobile seo

AMP enables marketers to take advantage of the ever increasing numbers of people accessing the web on their smartphones. As such, it ensures that marketers can satisfy their customers’ desire for an easily navigable and perfectly designed site no matter what device they are using. In short, AMP enables you to get your message across effectively to mobile users.

When you get started with Google AMPs and have your pages in place, no longer will mobile users have to zoom out, and then scroll sideways and up and down, in order to see your slogan. It will hit them as soon as they enter your site!

AMP is a great tool for helping to improve your conversion rates and thus your revenue. Thus, watching the increase in your conversion rate is a great way of confirming that AMP is working well for you and your business.

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With’s casual cycling clothing collection, you can combine style, uniqueness, and performance in a solid cycling jersey that won’t break the bank. Practical and unique, the casual cycling clothes from are a brilliant choice for cyclists everywhere. unique casual cycling clothing

The cycling clothing from are fresh and imaginative, designed to feel as great as it looks while riding. The variety of style from this company is both very unique and casual – perfect for everything from a training session to a leisurely bike ride.

Stand-Out From the Crowd, Casually casual cycling clothes

Most cycling apparel on the market tends to be either dull and boring or over-top and flashy. Go beyond the preponderance of plain black hues and an emphasis on monochromes or very simple and basic patterns.

With, you can choose from a vast variety of designs and patterns to best suit your style. The designs here range from elegant florals to inspiring digital prints (if you are looking for a cycling top that features a constellation on the front, for instance, then you have come to the right place).

Casual & Functional Cycling Clothing

As well as looking amazing, the apparel are lightweight and breathable. They are made from fabrics that are designed to reduce friction so that you can wear them on long bicycle rides if you want to. Gone are the days of having to change into cycling clothing when you want to bike to see a friend, and then having to change back again into more fashionable everyday attire upon your arrival!

With the range, you can wear the same clothes for cycling, socializing and more. In essence, this company is redefining casual cycling clothes by making them both functional and fashionable for many occasions.

Inside the Modern Style Design Collectioncasual cycling clothing

If you want to get a feel for what is all about, then it is a great idea to check out the Modern Style collection. As you can see, this range is filled with apparel that would not look out of place in a fashion store. There are stylish and flattering blouses, cool tees and much much more. But, there is one difference: all of these apparel are also very practical ones, designed to optimize your comfort as you cycle.

For example, here you will find classic cycling jerseys that do not look too dissimilar from those that are used in famous competitions like Le Tour de France. However, you will also be able to find ‘commuter jerseys’. These commuter jerseys are, to all intents and purposes, elegant blouses that can be worn to work but which are so wonderfully comfortable and breathable that, no matter how long your cycle to work is in the morning, you will arrive looking and feeling totally fresh and not at all overheated or flustered!

Where Fashion Meets Athletics is a company operating at the intersection between modern fashion and sports. If you are a keen cyclist, it certainly helps to have a few apparel in your closet. Whether you want to cycle to work without having to change your clothing when you arrive, or whether you just want to stay stylish when you go on your weekly workout on the exercise bikes at the gym, will be able to kit you out in the perfect outfit.

Only two things are constant in life: time and change. And the human body is not an exception. Families grow as time passes and as they do, they realize that they have older members of the family need their special attention, love, and support.assisted living services

For example, some elderly individuals might need help when it comes to help showering, running errands, dressing, and cooking among other things. It is upon their families to get them this help in the best way possible.

Assisted living is one of the most common ways of ensuring that senior members of the society get the attention they deserve. However, there are a few options available to individuals seeking this service and choosing one among them is not easy. Here is a comprehensive overview of the assisted living options available to the elderly. Seniors and family members can use this information to decide on the most viable option for them.

In-Home Care Services

Studies show that about 90% of the elderly individuals would like to stay home if that is a possible option. Choosing the option for in-home care services depends on the dynamics the senior citizen and his family is facing. For example, someone who has a huge family that can look after him may be able to stay at home for a long time. In this case, you would only need an assisted living caregiver occasionally. More importantly, the health of the person is of utmost consideration.

If a person is healthy or his medical condition does not require constant supervision, then in-home care is the best option. This option is also a good idea if costs are a major issue for the family because in-home care is cheaper than respite or permanent care. Finally, the personality of your loved one is critical to making an appropriate decision. Does he mingle well with people? Does he do well with strangers or in controlled environments? These are all factors to consider before you make your final decision about in-home healthcare services versus other options.

Respite Care Serviceshome health care services

Respite care is form of assisted living that serves to solve temporal situations that require a professional to oversee the welfare of an aged person. You can use these services when you are unable to take care of your loved one because of an emergency or perhaps you need to deal with something at a particular time.

With respite care, you can call a facility that provides respite care for help. You can take your loved one there and then you can come for him as soon as you deal with your pressing issue. Many people have found this kind of memory care assisted living service quite useful especially for family who have someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Leaving a person with this kind of medical condition alone can be traumatizing for him so the temporary company and care of an assisted living professional is quite important. It is important to note that you can professional respite caregivers can also come to your home as opposed to just taking your loved one to them.

Choosing the appropriate type of care for your family member can be a daunting task, but it is necessary. You just need to evaluate your circumstances and then you will know what is best for you and your loved one. Remember that choosing professional caregivers has to be in line with what your family member needs.

For example, you can request for home-care nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, or physicians. They can help you if your loved one has serious medical conditions that require specialized care.

You can also opt for non-medical professionals including health aides, and personal care attendants. Hiring non-medical professionals is cheaper than hiring those trained in specific medical fields. It is also advisable if the elderly person in your home is of good spirits and physical fit only needing a minimal level of assistance.

There are many factors to consider when seeking a professional-grade lawn mower, like the cost, size, brand reputation, horsepower, and ability to include attachments (to name just a few). Of course, it is not easy to consider every little aspects, but for a large investment like this, it can be highly beneficial to do your homework. Lawn mowers range from size and capacity, cost and longevity. riding lawn mowers

Different types of riding lawn mowers can suit different kinds of purposes. Riding lawn mowers offer an easy and convenient way for cutting the lawn or for cutting other large fields. Larger models also have larger blades in order clear crops and handle other specialized needs. Many of these types of mowers today are built with powerful, high-horsepower engines that quickly cut any kind of lawn.

Conversely, there are small lawn mower designs that are suitable for an ordinary home and garden landscapes. A multi-gang lawn mower design is built for cutting large yards that are in vast areas, like municipal parks and golf courses. The two cutting machine is the most common of this style. With so many options, it can hard to make a confident decision. To facilitate your research and choice, below we feature a series of high-quality riding lawn mowers that make the cut for professional landscapers.

The Top 11 Riding Lawn Mowers List

Snapper Riding Mower

This type of lawn mower has a wide range of rear-engine. It is built for cutting 30 up to 40 inches of grass with about up to 3 acres of output. It is also powered with a 12.6 Stratton and Briggs engine. This Snapper Riding Mower has a capability of 1.5 up to 5.6 miles per hour speed while the reverse speed is about 1.9 and above miles per hour. Thus, it is easy to operate because of the quieter ride and relatively smooth cutting blades.

Mustang Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower

This wide 50 riding lawn mower can cut a grass from around 2 up to acres per hour. Mustang zero-turn riding lawn mowers have comfortable seats and dual shock gripping for smooth riding. It also has 50 triple-blades and a V-Twin engine. Plus, it is made from welded steel.

Swisher King Ride Radius Riding Lawn Mower

This type of lawn mower offers great maneuverability as well as easy handling capabilities. It is made with a 180-degree incredible maneuverability and turning radius. It even has an ergonomic steering grip. Aside from this, it can operate at 60 miles per hour ground speed. This is along with its deluxe high seat and anti-scalp roller. Thus, it can cut approximately 52 inches of high grass.

Poulan Pro Riding Lawn Mower

This 22 horsepower Stratton Intek and Briggs engine is built for cutting higher grass. It features 48 inches of cutting decks, electric blades, 18 rear tires, 11 front tires, 3 gauge wheels as well as nose rollers.

Heavy Duty Riding Lawn Mower

This kind of lawn mower has a feature called “effortless control” which provides a quick cutting capability for any form of grass. It also has a utility cart, X740 power engine, and 4 baggers. Moreover, it also has a comfortable high back seat.

Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower

This twin 14 horsepower engine with 38 cutting blade is easy means of cutting grass. It also has electric start, adjustable high, choke, and adjustable throttle. Craftsman is easy to handle and it can keep the lawn small. Simple in design, these lawn mowers are also easy to repair.

Havana Riding Mower

This lawn mower is known for its sturdy 24 horsepower machinery, PTO cutting blade, and hydrostatic transmission. It also has pedal activation, cruise control, and Intek twin-cylinders.

Gravel Riding Mower

This full tubular welded steel lawn mower provides quick and easy cut lawn. It features 5 airflow cutting chambers, adjustable seats, flip-up handles and a comfortable Z double footboard.

42 Twin Cutting Blade Riding Mower

This easy to control riding lawn mower offers satisfying grass cutting. The mower is made from welded stainless steel. It has 42 cutting blades, 19 turning radius, steel front axes as well as lawn-back seats.

Honda 3813 Riding Mower

This type of lawn mower has no batteries, no engine, and no radiator. It is easy to handle, especially when cutting grass for it has 55 electric cutting blades, a foot pedal supporter as well as a comfortable law leather seat.

Power Kraft Riding Lawn Mower

This type of Lawn Mower has an automatic hydrostatic drive and 18 horsepower speed with cutting twin chamber blades. It is suited for small grasses and plants. This riding mower is safe to use.

Mustang Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower

Shown here is the Mustang Zero-turn Riding Lawn Mower.

Riding mowers are also becoming more reasonably priced and most of the major manufacturers are starting to include some of the best accessories and features as standard items that come with all of their models. However, after you have done your research and it comes time to choose a mower, it then boils down to your personal preference and choice.There are a few things to keep in mind when you are deciding on which model would best suit your mowing needs. If you have a particularly uneven yard, then you need to choose a riding mower that can cope well with that surface.

Some riding lawn mowers tend to struggle on anything other than flat lawns so it is always a good idea to read up, do some research and if possible, check out the consumer reviews on all of the particular makes and models that you are interested in before purchasing. There are many different reputable machines, such as John Deere lawn mowers, Honda lawn mowers, and Toro lawn mowers, to name a few. Searching online can highlight some of the features of each make and model, which may make it a bit easier to make a decision.

surgeon seo medical professionalsMany surgeons and medical professionals are utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow and expand their marketing and patient acquisition potential. One of the most ideal ways that these professionals can improve SEO and search visibility is acquiring quality links back to their websites.

While some invest in SEO and Internet marketing services, some surgeons and medical professionals take the time to do their own link building. While some SEO tactics are conventional and virtually obsolete, there are other more natural and creative ways that these professionals can use to ensure their link building efforts are more successful. Below we discuss a few ethical linking building tips to help medical professionals and surgeons advance their SEO efforts.

Leveraging High-Value Content

One of the most effective links building methods that these professionals can use is producing and sharing valuable, educational content. This is mainly because most ordinary people rely on the information they get on medical professionals’ website. Furthermore, the ordinary people trust the medical websites to contain accurate information and as a result they appreciate a lot when they get the right information.

The content shared can be in form of research publications, informative videos or scholarly videos amongst others. All what the surgeons and medical professionals need is to make sure the content produced and shared is factual and accurate.

Join Related Sites & Affiliations With Networking & (SEO) Value

Another creative but effective way at acquiring links for surgeon SEO is joining surgery related affiliation and membership sites. This is one of the most effective methods mainly because joining such sites usually includes a profile and link back to the professional’s site. surgeon affiliations for seo

The people who will be visiting the surgery related affiliation and membership sites will be looking for medical content and will most likely notice the link. These visitors even do not need much persuasion since they already know what to expect from such sites and the links on them. There is a high probability that the visitors will click on the link which will take them to one’s website.

Networking with other surgeons and establishing link exchanges can also help a lot in link building for surgeons and other medical professionals. By networking with other surgeon, a particular surgeon is able to reach out to more people. This is because the network of surgeons combines the visitors and therefore the number of visitors for each surgeon in the network increases.

When a person visits the website of one of the surgeons in the network, he or she will see the links to the other surgeons’ website and there is a chance that the visitor will click on some of the links. This results to building of reliable and helpful links consequently improving SEO.

Get Involved in Online Medical Communities

medical communities for SEO surgeonsAnother creative and natural links building method that can be helpful to surgeons and medical professionals is participating in different online medical related activities. These include forums where people ask questions and then the medical experts provide answers.

Such websites are usually very popular amongst ordinary people since they seek information from these forums whenever they are not feeling well before visiting medical doctors. Through such websites the visitors will see the different links and will be interested in visiting the affiliated websites for more information.

By applying the outlined natural and creative link building methods, surgeons and medical professionals can be able to acquire quality links back to their websites which will help in improving SEO.

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Peoria ILEastside Wellness Chiropractic has gained great recognition as a leading chiropractic center in Peoria, IL over the few past years. Looking at the treatment methods and services offered at this team of Peoria chiropractors, there is enough reason to believe that they are in fact among the best in the greater Illinois area. Here are some top health and wellness treatment options provided by Eastside Wellness Chiropractic that go beyond standard chiropractic practice.

Normalizing Scarred Tissues through Active Release Techniques

The top-rated Active Release Techniques (ART) chiropractic care method can be described simply as the epitome of soft tissue treatment. ART involves the use high-tech movement-based massage technique to treat scarred tissues and normalize their functioning. ART can also be used in taking care of disfigured muscles, fascia, ligaments, nerves and tendons.

This treatment method is unique to Eastside Wellness Chiropractic, with leading sports chiropractors at this wellness center using it to help patients with motion problems fully recover normal functioning in as little time as possible. The treatment by ART has been lauded has a great step towards achieving natural chemical-free remedies to spinal problems.

Restoring Dysfunction in the Nervous System through Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is another chiropractic technique that was developed by chiropractors at Eastside Wellness Chiropractic. DNS uses neurodevelopmental exercises and positions to restore dysfunction in the human nervous system.

The practice employs simple muscular movements discovered by leading physiotherapist, Pavel Kolar to restore normal movement patterns on the spinal system. No medical surgeries or prescription pills are administered in DNS. The spinal adjustment methods are all natural and aimed at bringing relief and normal functioning conditions to the nervous system.

Specified Treatment Options with Impulse Adjusting Technique

Treatments to specific areas of your spinal system can be achieved by the Impulse Adjustment Technique that is an instrument-based adjusting method that provides controlled treatment. Correct range of motion can be restored quite easily by using this chiropractic technique unique to Eastside Wellness Chiropractic practitioners.

With minimized force and gentle adjustment of spine joints, this method is fit for the elderly and children. Impulse Adjusting Technique also has the benefit of being a noiseless chiropractic procedure. You will not have to worry about cracking sounds as your spinal system is adjusted into the best functioning position for easy movement.

Traction Mobilization with Cox Flexion Distraction Technique

The use of Cox Flexion Distraction (CFD) method by Eastside Wellness Chiropractic experts to treat inter-vertebral disc problems has been lauded as a great innovation that will definitely work well towards the wellbeing of spinal injury patients. Spinal disc problems are usually accompanied with symptoms such as low back pain, calf numbness and foot immobility.

The inter-vertebral disc problems can also cause thigh deadness and should therefore be treated in as little time as possible. One of the finest alternatives to having a surgery to treat this problem is the Eastside Wellness Chiropractic’s CFD technique. CFD utilizes high-tech traction mobilization to treat the spinal injury problems.

With these techniques readily available at Eastside Wellness Chiropractic, it is quite clear that the center is not restrained to traditional chiropractic practices but committed towards using high-end technology that have proved to be very efficient in treating spinal problems. This center for correcting spinal misalignments is way ahead of others and therefore probably the best chiropractors in Peoria, IL.

For more information, visit:

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic
351 Rusche St,
Creve Coeur, IL 61610

Retro Image Apparel Two (Retro Two) is a company that specializes in classic, custom and novelty cycling apparel for both men and women. This company has been able to successfully establish itself as the web’s source for creative and unique cycling jerseys that offer stunning and original designs (many of which are exclusive.)

classic cycling jerseys retro-two

Retro Two continuously release new and novel designs, like this classic favorite featuring Gumby,

Retro Two carries a vibrant collection of cycling apparel that span from elegant, earthy, and elaborate patterns to classic, vintage, and retro jerseys that embody the history of the sport. Many of the cycling jerseys from Retro Two are designed with unique and stunning graphics that capture social movements, bold culture pop icons, historic cycling races, astronomical undertones and beautiful illustration.

Keeping Performance of Utmost Importance

Despite the fact that the jerseys from this company capture a lot of things, they also enhance performance. This means that they jerseys are made I a way that the people who use them are optimally comfortable. These classic cycling jerseys are meant for maximum moisture wicking to enhance comfort and breathability.

The jerseys are also durable and they provide users with optimum value for the money they spend on purchasing the jerseys. Retro Two even provides limited six month warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and material provided the jersey does not get damaged because of, misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear. A person with a damaged jersey needs is to mail the jersey back together with the purchase receipt and the company will repair or replace the jersey.

From the company’s website one can be able to readily see the different classic jerseys together with their images, prices and detailed descriptions. Because of the uniqueness and the high quality of these jerseys, Retro Two is carving a niche in the online market for classic, unique, and novelty cycling jerseys.

A Couple Classic Jerseys from Retro Two

Some of the jerseys that have a rich history and are available from this company include the 1952 Cataluna Men’s Cycling Jersey. This unique looking jersey is inspired by the official poster of the 1952 Tour of Cataluna which was on its thirty second year. The history of this particular jersey is made even more popular by the fact that the Catalonia tour is the oldest annual race in Europe.

classic cataluna jersey

Some of the features of this classic cycling jersey includes that it is made using ultra soft euro mesh fabric that is meant to enhance comfort. It also allows four way stretch for enhanced performance since it has mesh side panels. The jersey also comes with three rear pockets and a dripper band made of silicon. Its eye catching color scheme is made using dye sublimation to ensure it does not fade no matter how many times it is washed.

Another classic and historic cycling jersey that is available at Retro Two is the Rosie The Riveter Women’s Cycling Jersey. This particular jersey was created by J. Howard Miller and she was on the cover of the 29th May, 1943’s Saturday Evening Post.

classic rosie jersey

The jersey is available in five different sizes as well as three different sleeve variations. It also has a hidden zipper which makes it easy to wear. It is made using ultra soft mesh fabric to ensure it is optimally comfortable.

Cycling Jerseys Crafted to Last

The graphics on all Retro Two cycling jersey will never fade out after repeated washing. They also have several pockets, including three rear pockets to enhance convenience for storing items. The quick dry technology makes these products some of the outstanding classic cycling jerseys available at Retro Two.

on-board weighing loader scaleOn-board loader scales offer incredible efficiency in the field. Whether for mining and aggregate operations or farming and agriculture harvests, weighing loads directly from a wheel loader can offer the best weighing solution for many applications.

If you transport loads via wheel loader and have interest in on-board scales for loaders, then see the follow products that offer the greatest ROI.

WK50S Wheel Loader Scale from Walz Scale

walz on-board loader scalesThe WK50S wheel loader scale from Walz Scale is not only easy to install and use, but it conveys advanced weight data through a simple software interface. Walz loader scales and on-board weighing systems are known to maximize both accuracy and throughput. The system can include a ticket printer to the WK50S loader scale weighing terminal.

When choosing on-board loader scale for miners, mining companies, the WK50S loader scale is a perfect choice due to the need to weigh the heaviness of loads at a reasonable cost.

On-board Weighing Features

WK50S is a product that has a number of efficient and advanced features that making it outstanding compared to other on-board scales. They include:

  • USB data collection: The USB interface is intended to permit administrators to remove their creation information and transfer it onto their office administration frameworks.
  • Driver interface: driver interface has been intended to provide administrators with all the instruments important to perform their operations effectively and precisely.
  • Extreme durability: amazing durability and unwavering quality of the WK50S loader scale is because of its licensed sensor innovation.
  • Accurate data in production: wheel loader scale framework is the perfect answer for makers hoping to track creation information and expand truck stacking, with expanded data accumulation capacities.
  • Standard benefits which include dynamic in motion weighing, easy operation, simple installation, running total memory, target weight function, back-weight function, large clear display, illuminated display, master data memory, printer interface, usb module interface.
  • Volume calculations: comes standard with the capacity to weigh and show by volume. Permitting operations to oversee and track creation in yards.
  • Complete system: the system usually comes with all its components for installation purposes.

Value & Benefits

  • Loader Scale Works With All Wheel Loaders
  • Straightforward Operation on all Loader Scales
  • Graphical Operator Interface
  • Exact Results in Tough Conditions
  • Strong Loader Scale Design
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Wheel Loader Scales are Field Installable
  • Various Communication Protocol Options
  • In-Motion Weighing (On-board Scales)
  • Can Bus transport Communications
  • Wheel Loader Scales are Field Serviceable
  • Worked in Support For Ticket Printing

PFREUNDT Wheel Loader Scale from PFREUNDT

PFREUNDT is a leading global manufacturer of on-board weighing systems. The German-based company offers an advanced wheel loader scale that delivers reliable accuracy and faster throughput for many applications.

On-board Weighing Features PFREUNDT on-board scales

  • Digital pressure sensors: Oil weight sensor with overload security; incorporated temperature control; simple join screw connections.
  • Weighing range sensors: For element weighing amid operation; dependable meaning of the weighing range; basic assembly. PFREUNDT on-board scale technology is fully-functional.
  • Weighing electronics: Proven frameworks for long-term use; Instinctive operation; connection with the PFREUNDT weighing systems Web Portal.

Value & Benefits

  • Legal for exchange
  • Simple and Straight installation
  • retrofitting
  • High-accuracy and quick weight capture
  • maintenance is free
  • Worldwide information access
  • cost effective

Tuffer™ Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales from Vishay Precision Group

Vishay Precision Group’s Tuffer™ Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales provide the level of efficiency and information needed to weigh loads faster and keep trucks moving without going to a central scale location and back to the pit. Vishay Precision Group offers a number of on-board and portable truck scales systems.

On-board Weighing FeaturesVishay Precision Group

  • Easy to use, menu-driven configuration
  • Second loader setup accessible
  • High precision say something movement scale
  • Fits loaders of most brands and sizes
  • Display of individual lifts and aggregate truck loads
  • Storage of ten cumulative sums in memory
  • Easy installation, alignment, and also operation
  • System operation without need to expel hand from the lifting lever
  • provides liquid
  • crystal display, large and simple to clients
  • Quick-discharge mounting for secure storage during the night alternately use on different loaders

Value & Benefits

  • Load maximum lawful loads on the loading point the first run through stacked
  • Pull more tons per trip
  • Save time loading, holding up to check weigh, and reloading
  • Pull more loads every day
  • Eliminate overweight fines
  • Reduce business scale expenses
  • Stop pulling free tonnage and giving material away
  • weight in abundance of the contracted weight

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