Why AMP Needs to Be Atop Your Mobile SEO Strategy

Data shows that more and more people are accessing the web (and using Google search) on their mobile devices. And yet, if marketers do not take certain steps to ensure that they have a mobile-friendly web presence, they can be losing out on serious SEO opportunities.

Enter: AMPsmobile

AMPs, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a new project developed by Google. AMP ensures that the mobile version of a website is streamlined, user friendly, and aesthetically appealing on all mobile devices. As such, it is a powerful tool for Internet marketing and SEO companies, no matter what type of product or service is being marketed.

What Does AMP Offer?

AMP is a tool that you can use when you publish the mobile version of your site (or individual webpages within your site). Installing AMP before you hit ‘publish’ ensures that what your site visitors will see is a beautiful, swift, efficient and easy to navigate web page whether they have entered your site using a laptop or a smartphone.

AMP works not just for written words, but also for video content (including GIFs), audio content, images and practically anything you might want to include in your website.

All that you need here is a simple WordPress plugin that applies AMP to your site and all of its pages. Or, if you do not use WordPress, simply grab the freely available HTML source code. It is likely that AMP plugins will be rolled out across a wider variety of content management systems in the near future.

Further, the AMP Project is very useful because it comes in an open source format: it is thus free for all marketers to use. This makes it a boon for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Why Should Marketers be Excited About AMP?

The mobile version of a website used to be seen as the poorer version of that site. It was often slower, harder to navigate, ridiculously oversized given the size of the screen (and thus necessitating some careful and constantly scrolling to find vital pieces of information) and lacking all of the frills (and thus the thrills) of the version of the site that is designed to be viewed on a computer. No wonder mobile users felt like they were getting second best. google amp mobile seo

AMP enables marketers to take advantage of the ever increasing numbers of people accessing the web on their smartphones. As such, it ensures that marketers can satisfy their customers’ desire for an easily navigable and perfectly designed site no matter what device they are using. In short, AMP enables you to get your message across effectively to mobile users.

When you get started with Google AMPs and have your pages in place, no longer will mobile users have to zoom out, and then scroll sideways and up and down, in order to see your slogan. It will hit them as soon as they enter your site!

AMP is a great tool for helping to improve your conversion rates and thus your revenue. Thus, watching the increase in your conversion rate is a great way of confirming that AMP is working well for you and your business.

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