AXW-Series Portable Axle Scales from Walz Scale

Walz ScaleWalz Scale is known to produce quality portable axle scales. But in the past couple years, the company is unveiled an impressive series of truck axle scales that offer incredible features for all types of users. Here’s inside look at the AXW-series of portable axle scales from Walz Scale.

Walz Makes Waves in Portable Weighing Technology

When working with a company like Walz Scale, you can expect any truck scale product to offer incredible features, versatility, and performance. Such is the cases with the AXW-series. Customers have the option of choosing between different axle scale designs.

And unlike the competing portable axle scales, these scales are highly adjustable, durable, as well as portable. They all have the ability to provide accurate data while the weighed object is still in motion, which is truly an industry-scale innovation.

To top it off, these portable truck weighing scales come with an intuitive software that is compatible with Windows. You can expect to get the hardware and software operational in as little as one day, which means it won’t take long to get everything up and running.

AXW-30: Affordable Portable Axle Scale System

Axle ScaleThis portable truck scale technology allows up to 30 tons of weight. The AXW-30 axle scale model is one of the most affordable portable truck scales on the market. It’s a perfect fit if you have little time on your hands to set it up and do the job. The model is built from aluminium, which is a sturdy material that’s not too heavy, which retains its portability. It’s completely waterproof and designed to perform well even in the roughest of conditions.

AXW-30 comes with removable ramps of a very bright, noticeable color, so the drivers will be able to spot it easily. This is a very low-profile scale, so any vehicle can enter and exit with ease. Furthermore, the vehicle does not need to stand in place in order to provide accurate measurements, which means you can weigh a lot of vehicles per hour.

The scale is battery-powered and the battery itself is durable; it can last for hours on end! It comes with a portable terminal, which does wonders when it comes to speed of installation. It has a built-in printer and a bright LCD screen. You receive a carry case with your order, so you can rest assured that your equipment will remain safe and secure.

AXW-45, 95, & 110: Advanced Portable Axle Scales

If you need to weigh heavier vehicles (up to 110 tons), these are the models you should look into. They are highly-portable and each single one is equipped with an in-motion weighing technology. They are made of structural steel, which means they can withstand a lot of abuse while still remaining portable.

portable truck axle scales
These truck scales for sale at also have removable ramps attached which you can easily take off at any time. Furthermore, should you require some off-road weighing, these scales will serve you well. Each one of them also comes with a protective case and very user-friendly software that’s bundled with it. It enables you to do various weight analytics, including TPMS, vehicle weight, payloads, and tire load data. You can even do some 3D load analysis with great imagery.

The AXW-series of portable truck scales have some distinct advantages over their competitors. Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, they are also rather affordable, and no other competitor offers a similar product in this price range. Dependable, portable, and user-friendly, this innovate scales are undoubtedly the ground-breaking product the industry has been looking for so long.

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