The Best of Bush Hog Rotary Cutters in 2015

For anyone that needs to invest in a rotary cutter to clear land, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world is Bush Hog. Since 1950, Bush Hog has been relied upon to help farmers, landscapers, and grounds crew alike smoothen rough land for a greater purpose.bush hog rotary cutters

Recent technological advancements in the past couple years has enabled Bush Hog rotary cutters to become even more optimized for a safe, sure way of conditioning the terrain as how people envision their land to appear. In 2015, the best in the Bush Hog rotary cutter series include such models as the Razorback Series Rotary Cutters, the BH10 Series Rotary Cutters, and the BH20 Series Rotary Cutters.

Bush Hog Razorback Series Rotary Cutters

The Razorback Series has been constructed in three defined models which are the BH4, BH5, and the BH6.The strength as well as the trustworthiness has been built to solve such problems as weeds and grass. Used mostly for homes and farms, the series offers a cost-efficient price while ensuring that it gets the job done.Bush Hog Razorback Series Rotary Cutters

Any constructed model of the Razorback Series has the capability of cutting in a width of 4 to 6 feet as well as a diameter of up to 1 inch. The sharp blades can cut through any undergrowth and features a channel sideband in a 10 gauge by 8 inches. In order to move over tough environment, the laminated tires are proven to last long. It also comes in four colors which are red, blue, green, and orange of the customer’s choice. And because the Bush Hog Razorback Series is becoming the new standard in the industry, it’s easy to find replacement Bush Hog rotary cutter parts and blades for this series of rotary cutters.

Bush Hog BH10 Series Rotary Cutters

Bush Hog BH10 Series Rotary CuttersAnother Bush Hog Rotary Cutter that’s now available is easy to use and maneuver which is the BH10 Series Rotary Cutter. It has the ability to cut saplings in a diameter of 2 inches as well as being able to cut through grass and pastures. In order to ensure their longevity, the blades are forged in heat for the most favorable sharpness.

The strength in which they are constructed shows that the blades are able to resist any bending that may occur. The colors that are available for the BH Rotary Cutter of the BH10 Series are in the tractor colors. And similar to the Razorback Series of rotary cutters, you can find Bush Hog parts for the BH10 Series pretty easily.

Bush Hog BH20 Series Rotary Cutters

The next technological advancement by Bush Hog is the BH20 Single-Spindle Rotary Cutters which proves to be increasingly reliable. The BH20 Series also has three models which are the BH25, BH26, and the BH27. The sturdy features deliver the most optimal performance, not only on the first use, but for many years while holding true to its features and benefits. The structure has a deck that is below of containing a gearbox and strong-backs which permits a smooth top deck. Bush Hog BH20 Series Rotary Cutters

The advantage of this feature is how water and any other fragments is able to easily shed. The skids are also replaceable in a full-length of a 1/4 inch Skids and will be able to enhance the protection of the side bands while being able to resist any bending.

The 5 Year Gear Box Limited warranty is also available for the customer to have a peace of mind if it is needed to be used. The construction features ensure for an uncomplicated maneuver around the most difficult of terrain and other obstructions that the user may run upon.

Bush Hog rotary cutters have been around for decades to assist anyone who is in need of removing unsightly terrain from their landscape. As the advancements in technology continue, Bush Hog has been able to harness and use those advantages for the benefit of their customers. In 2015, the growth and evolution of these machines has been able to offer a quality and reliable way of being able to maintain the landscape of their homes and farms.

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