Can Remote Virus Removal Work For Your Computer?

Have you heard of remote virus removal? The traditional way of eliminating computer viruses is visiting a computer repair shop or having a technician come to you to remove computer viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats. These more physical virus removal services involve in-depth scanning of the infected drive, extracting infecting files, and installing an antivirus program to protect from future threats.

Nowadays, this process of computer virus removal can be done remotely (all online) by a professional from a different location. While this may not be the case for all computer viruses, in many cases, remote virus removal services can handle the task more efficiently and affordably compared to local solutions.

1. What is remote virus removal?

This is an online or web-based computer service whereby a computer under virus attack is scanned and all possible malicious threats are eliminated using a different computer through the internet.
This service is normally offered by large global antivirus companies to disinfect thousands of computers in different countries and states. In the recent past, online based computer solutions businesses have also stepped up their services by offering remote virus removal to their clients.

For more information about remote virus removal services, click here, or read more to learn about which situations may or may not be suitable for such remote-based computer services.

2. In what situations is it useful?

virus removal service helpHave you ever witnessed your desktop or laptop suddenly freeze or slow up significantly while¬†you were working online? Or when you clicked a suspicious link from a fishy email you found in your email’s Spam folder?

These are some of the common situations in which malware, Trojan viruses, spyware, and other viruses sneak into computers everyday.
In addition to the latter cases, below are some common situations where remote virus removal is recommended.

  • When one lacks Operating System CD and computer is infected. Malware and trojans normally aim for Windows PC program files and this may cause the computer to crash or slow down significantly because critical files have been corrupted. Not everyone has their original disc copy of Windows nearby hence virus removal and Operating System re-installation may become a tricky affair.
  • When one is using an outdated version of an antivirus program. The dynamic nature of computer viruses is often the main challenge in ensuring computer safety. A previously released antivirus edition may be rendered obsolete by new and different viruses. This may require a technician’s attention.
  • Where virus attack is on a large scale. Sometimes a whole computer local area network (L.A.N) or wide area network (W.A.N) may be under huge virus attack that has compromised the network and may corrupt all data available inside the network. A regular antivirus scans sometimes cannot be any help hence one requires technical support in order to restore the network and recover all data.

3. What are the advantages of using remote virus removal?

There are a number of advantages to investing in remote virus removal services, include:

  • Quicker and sometimes more in-depth diagnosis compared to offline virus removal services.
  • The support staff from the virus removal company (or independent computer technician) will normally get in touch with the computer owner during the virus disinfection process in order for them to have a better understanding of what they are dealing with. They will normally ask which website one had opened before the attack, whether they clicked a suspicious link or downloaded malicious software accidentally.
  • Remote virus removal services are fairly quick, and the entire process can often take a matter of a couple of hours at the most.
  • The user does not incur any extra cost if the service is being provided by computer repair or virus removal company as an after sales service.

4. Are there situations where remote virus removal is not applicable?

Remote virus removal is often times not applicable in the following situations:

  • Where one is using counterfeit antivirus software. Customer support staff will demand that one first purchases a genuine copy of the anti virus in order to receive this free after sales service.
  • Where computer has crashed and cannot switch on. This situation makes it difficult for the owner to access online help since the computer is unresponsive.
  • When the antivirus program itself has crashed due to the virus attack.
  • Newer versions of malware have been known to paralyze certain types of antivirus programs. This makes it impossible for the user to access remote virus removal through online technical support.
  • When antivirus program is unable to detect any virus. The infamous Trojan virus can stay undetected for days or even weeks inside a computer as it wrecks havoc discreetly. No matter how many times the computer owner scans his hard disk using an installed and even updated antivirus program, the Trojan virus will still be undetected.

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