Central Illinois’ Source for Home Mortgages & Equity Loans

If you live in the central Illinois area and are in the market to buy a new home, Hometown Community Banks (a division of Morton Community Bank) is trusted source for a multitude of options for home mortgages and equity loans. Hometown Community Banks is reputable financial institution with branches all over the Peoria and central Illinois area. In short, this is one locally-trusted lender that can help your home buying dreams become a reality.hometown community banks

Hometown Community Banks has financing options that can suit virtually anyone. The home mortgages they offer are community friendly with favorable terms and neighborly rates, and their mortgage specialists offer the intelligence home buyers need to during the decision making process when it comes to buying your home.

If you are a first time buyer, professionals of the bank will guide you through the process safely and securely as the level of customer service and financial lending expertise is second to none. The home buying process can be a very arduous process. Hometown Community Banks can help take the first step by helping you obtain a prequalification letter that confirms an amount that you can borrow. This is the best place to start when seeking a mortgage loan in the central Illinois area.

Mortgage Lending Experts You Can Trust

Hometown Community Banks offers a number of home mortgage options to fit your lifestyle. The mortgage lending experts of the company take into consideration all aspects that can impact your needs as future homeowner. You will find that Hometown Community Banks has competitive, low interest rates and that the bank’s experience in mortgage lending will be most helpful in guiding you throughout the process of buying a home.

Just by visiting the website, you can gain a wealth of insight into the possibilities available for loans and buying your first or next home. On the website, you can apply for mortgage approval in less than 30 minutes as well as gain information on the latest rates while also having access to tools that can help you determine budgetary figures.

Special Mortgage Loan Programs

home buyer mortgage loanAre you eyeing a property in a rural community or want to buy a home in a certain rural area? Hometown Community Banks has a special loan program that is currently being offered. The USDA is sponsoring Rural Development home loans in which Hometown Community Banks is participating in. These loans are designed to offer homebuyers no down payment financing options to borrow who qualify in rural communites.

If you are not necessarily looking to buy a home but are interested in a home renovation project (or wanting to consolidate debt associated with your home and mortgage loan,) Hometown Community Banks offers equity loans that can help you achieve your home financing goals. Home equity loans can be a great help in a one-time event that requires borrowing, you can receive funds in a one-time payment and repay on a repayment schedule at a fixed rate.

If you need greater flexibility in borrowing, you will be pleased to know about Hometown Community Banks’ flexible credit line option. No matter your financing needs in making your dream home become a reality, the central Illinois lender has a number of options to choose from and something for practically everyone with a home buying dream.

The lending terms available are designed to fit any and every life stage, so there is no need to worry as there is something for everyone young and old. The loan you will receive is based on the equity in your home so you can mitigate feeling in over your head with debt. Best of all, the interest on select lending programs may be tax deductible.

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