Tips for Crafting a Winning SEO Plan for 2016

The constant change in technology demands a constant re-evaluation of strategies and the technological tools used by organizations; SEO as an online marketing tool is no exception.seo plan 2016

What was applied early this year could be obsolete by now, thus a need for new a SEO strategy so as to remain ahead of the pack. The main objective is to maintain the customers, reach other potential customers, and readers. Here are winning SEO tips that should be explored in crafing your SEO strategy plan for 2016.

Ensure Mobile Friendliness

The use of mobile phones to conduct searches is fast gaining popularity. A significant amount of people uses their smartphones to conduct searches. Therefore, to remain ahead of the pack, demands optimization for mobile search.

A site that is not mobile friendly always knocks you down, thus lower ranking. Furthermore, sites that are not optimized for mobile search often load much slower; the loading speed affects your SEO ranking. It is essential to make sure that your website content is supported by mobile phones and has absolutely nothing that can make the site slower to enter.

Focus on Many Long-Tail Keywords

The years of using a singular keyword is long gone. Getting the appropriate keywords is a deal breaker for top search placement. You will probably rank higher with the powerful keywords missing in your data at the moment.

Study your data well so as to know the appropriate keywords thus avoid guess work. Every keyword chosen demands a significant amount of effort in content creation, page updates, and text anchoring. They are all worth investing money and time on them. Review your keyword difficulty scores using the Rank Tracker and based on difficulty, prioritize your strategy.

Social Media Distribution

Social media distribution is a significant SEO strategy. Distribute important links of fresh content from your site to all appropriate social media platforms. Content in your company’s profile, shared, re-tweeted or re-distributed on any social media platform increases the number of places your links can be viewed. Thus, a large number of visitors is directed through the links towards your site. The content should be up-to-date at all times.

Link to Other Related Sites

Developing relationship with other sites will direct extra traffic to your site. Request webmasters of other sites (well respected) to include your link on their site and to allow you to include theirs on yours. However, the caution is partner with sites with a good reputation. Partnering with sites with bad reputations could pull you down.

Develop Quality Content

The content you display on your site is most definitely the most important in as far as how much traffic you get on your site is concerned. Your content must be fresh and updated on a regular basis. With fresh content, you create more opportunities for external and internal linking. The content also gives your site a unique personal touch and voice.


While following the above tips, it is equally important to note here that an SEO audit on your site is an important function to perform. An SEO audit will look at all the technical structures of your site, on and off page elements that are essential for optimization of search engine usability, visibility and conversion. The audit needs to be done on a regular basis so as to achieve long term success of your site’s performance.

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