Creative Ideas to Diversify Your Company’s 2016 SEO Plan

SEO continues to remain competitive as more websites try to get higher ranks artificially. In 2015, Google introduced a range of algo updates to pinpoint and penalize low quality websites with keyword stuffing being the most common.

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to be more creative, more relevant, and more comprehensive with your SEO plan in 2016. In short, if you want to remain high ranking by following these strategies to diversify your company’s SEO program.web presence optimization wpo strategy seo

Content Marketing

Gone are the days when content marketing was all about duplicating other websites and stuffing keywords. The introduction of Real Time Penguin updates in 2016 is expected to be game changer in the world of content marketing. This is a system that is expected to analyze the quality of websites and penalize those websites considered to fall out of Google’s guidelines thus you need more creativity to remain competitive.

One way of doing this is diversifying your content. Think beyond blogs and invest in ebooks, webinars, podcasts, and videos. Anchor text usage is another great way to boost your content strategy in 2016.

This refers to the use of a combination of brand anchors, generic links and URL’s in creating content as opposed to simply stuffing keywords which is strictly prohibited by Google. Fresh, unique, relevant and updated content is still important in improving your SEO plan.

Social Media Marketing

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the amount of videos on personalities and brands that were shared on Facebook in 2015 tripled as compared to previous years. Videos are becoming more popular since they are brief, detailed and fun to watch.

Social media as an SEO diversification technique works best when you employ a range of platforms. Think of a Face book page, twitter account, Google plus, YouTube subscription, LinkedIn among others and device a way to share your content across these platforms. The more platforms you use, the wider your audience. Most social media platforms are indexed by Google today, thus the more platforms you share your content, the higher your ranks.

Apart from creating and sharing content, also take time to voluntary provide helpful information particularly on emerging topics in your industry. By offering expert advice without expecting anything in return, you win the trust of readers who can change to customers at a future date.

Website Optimization & Technical SEO

Search engines are moving away from keyword obsession and so are visitors. Move away from putting roadblocks on your website and focus on resourcefulness, clear paths and call to action. Usability and navigability dominated the world of SEO in 2015 and it is expected to remain a key pillar in 2016.

Further, focus on understanding what exactly your visitors are doing on your website as opposed to simply chasing more clicks. Internal link building remains a significant technique in doing website optimization for your company. This can be easily achieved by integrated a comprehensive sitemap or segmented sitemaps if you have a deep website, such as ecommerce store SEO.

Use 1st tier links to control and redirect links to your website. This simply means having a network of websites with link removal service which clears bad links away from your website. Quality links, links from authority sites and links from new sites can be pointed directly to your website while other links can go through 1st tier sites.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The ultimate goal of any SEO plan is to get your visitors to take an action on your website. It is not enough to have traffic, you need to make the most of this traffic by convincing visitors to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, register an account among others.

One way of achieving CRO is encouraging visitors to leave reviews especially if you deal with consumer products. Customers trust reviews since they view such reviews as genuine opinions of other customers and are most likely to purchase a product if it has some reviews. Improving your websites performance is another technique to achieve CRO. Performance in this case goes beyond usability and it entails how you position important elements like signup icon on the website.

Therefore, although SEO is likely to become more competitive in 2016, use these tips to remain at the top.

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