The Diverse Solutions of Walz Label & Mailing Systems in Illinois

walz label and mailing systemWalz Label & Mailing Systems has been in operation for many decades with their headquarters located in Central Illinois. Initially, this company started as a small independent scale and service company, but as their customers grew, they had to grow with them by providing business automation solution to meet their customers unique needs.

Today, technology has changed and so has Walz’ product and services portfolio. It is for this reason Walz Label & Mailing Systems of Illinois has formulated three distinct divisions centered on specific solutions and products. These are labeling division, mailing division, and automation division.

The Labeling DivisionRFID Label System

The labeling division provides quality products and supplies for data collection and identification. Labeling division focuses mainly on offering warehouse management options to all pre-printed labels.

Mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers, RFID technology, and software are some of the products and solutions you will find in the labeling divisions of Walz.

The Mailing Division

Mailing Machine SystemThe mailing division focuses mainly on design and implementing scalable and flexible solutions for mailrooms and mailing operations. In short, Walz mailing divisions focuses on facilitating digital or physical inbound and outbound business communication anytime and anywhere. Some of the mailing system products that Walz offers are suitable for mailing operations ranging from small post offices to large scale businesses.

The mailing division relies heavily on technological improvements on postage mailing machines and meters, and address printers. Walz mailing machines and equipment features not only on technical parameters but also on multi-purpose features.

The Automation Division

The automation division mainly focuses on designing, creating and servicing a high intelligent handling solution that improves clients’ capabilities hence improving clients ROI. This includes prints, shipping, conveying weight checking dimensions, warehouse control equipment and packaging.  automation checkweigher systems

In the Automation division, most after services offered are the check weight systems and cubing system that are used in manufacturing as well as distribution. In this regard, Walz has partnered with Cornerstone Automation Systems to ensure integration with other system or equipment like scanners and data loggers.

You will also find other varieties of system and scales in Walz portfolio like Conveyer scales, in-motion scales and in-line scale systems. All these systems are designed for standard application as well as stainless steel.

Sortation systems, picking systems and other shipping and distribution systems are some of products and solutions that you will find in automation division. All these mentioned systems can be used in packaging lines, end lines packaging, pick verification and at product diverts.

Why Choose Walz Label & Mailing Systems

There are many benefits to leverage the products and solutions of Walz, but some of the solutions you expect is direct mail marketing and services, excellent customer support that will for sure reach your customers directly in the shortest time possible.

Since their founding, Walz Label & Mailing Systems in Illinois has made decisions that are tailored to positively affect their customers tomorrow. This is the principle that Walz has been embracing and continue to use from the time you call, during a discovery meeting, through installation and sales process, and even during unfortunate times when you may need to end an existing relationship with them.

To them it is not about offering unique products, it’s about knowing who they are and who they are doing business with, It’s always about tomorrow.

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