3 Emerging Independent Film Production Companies in Review

If you’re interested in some of the top independent film production companies that are emerging in the indie film scene, then you are at the right place. Indie feature films are produced mostly outside of the mainstream film studios, making them a unique form of entertainment for all types of visitors.top independent film production companies

How are indie films different from other movies on the big screen? In essence, there style and content are a bit different in a way so as to realize the filmmaker’s artistic vision. Generally, but not always, indie films are produced with noticeably lower budgets than mainstream studio movies. This often demands great levels of creativity and ingenuity during the writing and filmmaking process.

Let’s dive into some of the top independent film production companies that are emerging as leaders in this niche.

1. 8180 Films

8180 Films is quickly gaining traction as one of the top independent film production companies in the U.S. The company comprises of a small group of creative filmmakers who are based in the town of Leland north of Michigan. The group includes executive producers Ross Satterwhite, Jim Carpenter, and Rebecca Reynolds and director/writer, Larry Brand.

8180 Films has produced four feature films, including:

  • Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang (a performance documentary)
  • The Girl on the Train (a neo-noir suspense thriller)
  • The Coexist Comedy Tour (a comedy documentary)
  • Christina (a post-WWII drama)

All the feature films by 8180 Films have won awards in various categories. The independent film production company was originated in 2008 with the aim of producing high quality yet cost-effective indie films. In addition to the wealth of creativity and talent behind the company, technology has also played a crucial role in making the films a reality. Larry Brand, who is the company’s director and writer, compares the film production technology available and used by the 8180 Film’ team in producing the films.

2. Alcon Films

Alcon is among the thriving independent film companies as evidenced by their list of successful indie films they have financed and produced. It was formed out of a business plan drafted by its co-founders including Frederick W. Smith (Chairman and CEO), Andrew Kosove (for FEDEX Founder) and Broderick Johnson (co-CEO). Smith agreed to finance the new company that was officially started in January 1997.

In its truest sense, the company mobilizes its financial resources autonomously so as to focus on making cost-effective content and creative films in a non-bureaucratic environment. Alcon collaborates with Warner Bros Company that handles all Alcon financed-and-produced films distribution. They also work closely with Warner Bros on the marketing of those films.

Some of their top films include:

  • The Blind Side – Academy Award nominated drama
  • The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington
  • Insomnia – a thriller directed by Christopher Nolan
  • Dolphin Tale – a recent hit
  • My Dog Skip – a family classic

3. Heretics Films

Heretics is also among the top emerging independent film companies that specialize in high-quality, indie film production and finance. The company is made up of a group of passionate, talented artists and creative investors dedicated to making awesome screen films from important stories. Its management is comprised of experts from diverse professionals including digital enterprise, law, marketing, finance, business and complementary backgrounds in entertainment. Luckily, they drafted a financial model that works perfectly for everybody.

Some of the top Heretics Films in release include:

  • Low Down
  • Big Significant Things
  • Welcome to Me
  • Copenhagen
  • Misery Loves Comedy
  • Tanzania: A Journey Within

Learn more about some of the top indie film companies that are making a statement on the screen.

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