Game-Changing Golf Technology for 2017

The new year brings many resolutions. For golfers, keeping fit, hitting the local course more often and improving our game are all important promises. One of the best ways to achieve these aims is to invest in some new golf technology. The following game-changing golf products will change the way you see the course and help you develop a new appreciate for the sport of golf.

Mark Mender Divot Tool

One of the most advanced in its class yet technologically-basic golf devices for 2017 is the Mark Mender. It is a common courtesy to look after the green for other players – and competitors. Ball marks can leave a once pristine green in a mess if not handled correctly. The Mark Mender is a genius divot repair tool with a four pronged “poke and pinch” system that mends the green and covers up the mark in no time at all.


ball mark divot tool

The use of “space-age” polymers means that this divot tool should hold out for thousands of rounds. The small size allows it to easily fit into a golf bag, so there is no excuse not to carry it with you. If that wasn’t enough, this divot tool doubles as a cigar holder, as well as grip rest and ball mark. In essence, it’s a four-in-one divot repair tool that takes the win among all other devices in its class. Ideal for golf tournament giveaways, custom promo items, or unique groomsmen golf gifts, the Mark Mender is a great tool for many needs.

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Garmin CourseView GPS System

Garmin CourseView GPS SystemA GPS system is a must for any golfer and the new year is the ideal time an upgrade. As always, the key names are here to help with new and improved versions of well-loved devices. The Garmin Approach series is continually evolving to meet our needs o n the green and this new S6 version is no different.

The CourseView system provides clear data on the course layout (and hazards) on a full color screen. This is much more accessible and attractive than some other models. The addition of the Touch Targeting system provides greater accuracy on specific distances. Add in the smart design, 10 hour battery life and messaging functions and it is easy to see what this is on the top of many wish-lists.

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Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System

Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking SystemIf you don’t like the idea of wearing big GPS watches and tracking equipment, there is another method. The Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System is a more streamlined approach that uses a system of sensors on the golf club and your smartphone. The sensors provide data on the motion and accuracy of the swing to provide lots of helpful data.

The system is currently compatible with both iPhone and Android models and appears to be pretty reliable, with a strong GPS system. It is a great alternative for those that want to improve their game without feeling as though they are wearing a large command center.

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Microsoft Band 2 Fitness Device

microsoft band 2Another interesting wearable is the Microsoft Band 2. The reason for this is its versatility as a sporting and fitness device. Some keen golfers are sure to have dismissed this option in favor of more specialist products. However, the new golfing update in this 2nd gen model means that this smartwatch/fitness tracker is highly beneficial for the right user. There is the opportunity to measure progress and performance on the green, with maps, score cards and shot analysis.

It also measures activity levels, heart rate and other fitness data. This is perfect for those that are using golf as a shortcut to their fitness-based new year resolutions. Furthermore, the display is attractive (unless you hate the Windows style), the band is comfortable and there is a pretty reliable GPS system.

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