Illinois-based Walz Scale Offers Comprehensive Weighing Solutions

Walz Scale is an international provider of weighing systems for trucks, mining loaders and agricultural loaders. This Illinois-based firm is a reseller of the largest scales manufacturers in the world.Walz Scale

Walz Scale’s truck scales and weighing systems are designed for many different companies and organizations in a wide range of industries. Businesses in transportation, mining, agriculture, chemical, aggregate, recycling, and waste management can all benefit from the comprehensive weigh scale solutions offered by Walz Scale.

Company Reputation & Experience

The products offered by Walz Scale have gained reputation in the United States and all over the world, because of their high precision and their integrated advanced technologies. The recession period was no problem for these leaders, as their products can be able to resist in tough economic conditions due to their reliability. Customers are always returning to benefit from high quality products and services.

The president of the company has stated that even if usually men don’t communicate well with each other, the company that he is leading has forced him to constantly improve his relations with his sons. The way they have to talk and communicate to make things work within the company forces them to build a strong personal and professional relationship.

With an experience of nearly half a century, Walz Scale offers not only high precision truck scales Illinois, but also payload management equipment, ranging from advanced weight-in-motion truck scales and on-board weighing systems to portable axle scales. The smallest scales that have a weight measured in grams are available. On the other hand, there are also scales that can measure tons and they are used by trucks and coal mining firms.

Primary Solutions Offered

The company is a trusted source of industrial truck scales, heavy duty axles scales, wheel weighers, pallet jack scales, systems for freight, shipping and retail, onsite services calibration services and many other similar products and services.

As on-board solutions, customers can get mobile on-board scales, mobile weighing equipment, on-site solutions, farm and ag scales, calibration services, conveyor belts, cold planners, etc. For mining operations, the firm can offer wheel loader scales, calibration solutions, on-site weighing services, 3D volumetric scanning solutions and many others.

The Company Focus of Walz Scale

Walz Scale focuses on integrating the most advanced technologies ever used in weighing systems, for providing exception value to its customers. Because of this, the systems offered by this company are amongst the most varied and the most advanced systems of this type that people can find worldwide.

Many thousands of products are provided globally. Another focus of the firm is professionalism. The systems are made in such a way to allow the gathering of valuable and accurate data and then transfer this information into the data management systems of customers.


Walz Scale is a trusted provider of advanced weighing solutions not only in the United States, but all over the world. By using the products and services that the company offers, customers can have a high level of satisfaction, because all of their requirements can be met with professionalism. Walz Scale is a company with experience that is lead by people who are devoted to their customers and are able to provide some of the best products and services in the industry.
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