An Inside Look at Industrial Barcode Products & Technology

Feature-rich, industrial-grade barcode readers and barcode scanners increase the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. Modern industrial barcode technology can be used for creating a smoother retail check-out process, more customer friendly delivery service process, safer healthcare point of care experience, and more accurate global asset tracking system.industrial barcode scanner

Barcode product manufacturers can offer dedicated all-in-one scanners and industrial barcode scanners for 1D, 2D, QR, GSI codes and virtually all symbologies used in vertical market around the world. Barcode scanners are constructed by knowing the needs of various industries, which include logistics, transportation, healthcare, retail, etc. Customers will also get proper information regarding this modern technology from the solution consultants from the manufacturers. So, business organizations can provide the most advanced solutions to their customers.

Barcode Scanner Technologies

Modern industrial barcode technology is developed on the basis of low norad rates, increased accuracy, and aggressive scan performance. The wide range of barcode scanner technologies include some of the following variations:

  • Laser barcode scanners
  • Industrial/rugged barcode scanners
  • Portable/hand-held barcode scanners
  • Presentation/fixed/mount barcode scanners
  • Wireless/mobile barcode scanners
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanners
  • Area imagers

Highly Advanced Decoding Software

Modern barcode technology introduced barcode scanners, which are supported by most modern and advanced decoding software. Therefore, this software is capable of reading even the most damaged and worn barcodes with highest accuracy.

Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners

Fixed-mount barcode scanner products are capable to deliver improved first class scan accuracy and next-gen imaging technology for maximized uptime. These are perfect for mid to high-volume POS applications. These are designed with compact size to reduce footprint. Features such as USB port infrastructure and robust auxiliary are beneficial for boosting connectivity options. Industry leading manufacturers can deliver self-service, OEM and cost effective scan engine solutions, which can reduce daily operational expenses.

Hand-Held Barcode Scanners

These are designed to meet all barcoding applications of customers. Hand-held scanners can support a multitude of barcodes, which include 2D, stacked, linear datamatrix, PDF-417 and postal. These barcode scanners are capable to read even mobile phone barcode symbologies accurately.

You can also purchase rugged barcode scanners, which offer industrial IP ratings. Therefore, these can deliver excellent scanning performance. These are ideal for retail, POS, warehousing and government. Hand-help scanners can also withstand exposure to dust, liquids, numerous drops to concrete and harsh temperatures.

Pen Barcode Readers

This is the simplest barcode reader and it contains no moving parts. These are very popular for durability and low cost. Though then can present a challenge to the users, they can remain in direct contact with barcode. So, it should be held at a certain angle.

With these industrial bar code readers user can also move pen over the barcode at a certain speed. Pen Barcode readers are designed for inexpensive, durable use by a single user. Some experience is required for operating this barcode reader.

Laser Barcode ScannersĀ Laser industrial barcode scanner

Compared to pen barcode, these are more advanced. Laser barcode scanners are capable to do more exact light readings. It can also prevent false positive or scanner errors. Laser scanner can be either hand-held or stationary. It uses a system of lenses and mirrors to allow scanners to read barcode.

These scanners can even read barcode even if it is 24 inches away. In order to reduce the possibility or errors, laser scanning performs around 500 scans per second. These industrial-grade laser barcode readersĀ are specialized long-range laser scanners. Therefore, these are capable for reading barcode upto 30 feet away.

Camara Barcode Readers

Camera reader is an image scanner and it uses a small video camera to capture images of barcodes. To decode barcode, it uses sophisticated and highly advanced digital image processing techniques. Camera reader can read a barcode from around 3 to 9 inches away. The cost of these scanners is less than laser scanners.

CCD scanner is the other modern industrial barcode technology. It can read better than pen wand and it can reduce the possibility of errors. However, it cannot read a barcode, which is wider than the input face of CCD scanner.

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