3 Local SEO Copywriting Tips That You Can Implement Right Now

Local SEO copywriting is a fickle beast. Depending on the business and where it is located it, it can be vital to ensure the site’s copy is on point.

Copywriting with layers of creativity and strategic-minded thinking is also the best way to standout in a competitive search landscape. It can also be the difference maker in generating click-throughs when your NOT ranking #1 for a primary keyword target.

There are a few savvy tips that my colleagues and I have been experimenting with. Having done local SEO for hundreds of businesses, we’ve figured out a few things that seem to work. And work rather quickly. Without further introduction, here are three local SEO copywriting tips that you can leverage right now.

Testing Different Page Titles

The page title, which appears as the main headline link in Google’s search results, directly impacts a site’s SEO based on the keywords it’s targeting. For local SEO, it’s a pretty common trend to see the following formula in place: {primary keyword/business model} {city/location}.

Here’s an example. I work for Captivate Search Marketing, an Atlanta SEO and Internet marketing. As such, our primary keyword phrase is “Atlanta SEO company.”

atlanta seo company

Our challenges are: we don’t rank in the top three for our primary keyword phrase (yet,) and everyone and their brother uses “Atlanta SEO Company” in the title of their homepage.

So just recently, we implemented the bullet point divider and our newly trademarked phrase:

Local Atlanta SEO Company

With this phrase being the brainchild of my superior at Captivate Search Marketing, I couldn’t agree more when he told me “using special characters such as a Trademark Symbol is a cool way to stand out.”

No doubt, testing different page titles is both cool and creative. Try implementing unique verbiage to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not in the top 3-5, sometimes you don’t have much to lose.

Infusing CTAs & Unique Verbs in Descriptions

While your at with your page titles, you might as well experiment with new and different meta descriptions. One SEO copywriting best practice is use various calls-to-action, or CTAs. Some of the most common yet effective are “Schedule a Free Consultation” or “Get a Complimentary Local SEO Audit.”

I really love what this guy does in his meta description. He also ranks #1 for ‘link building strategies,’ at the time this article was published.

google seo

As something I mention time in time in my Google Ads training course at Yisoo, I also suggest playing with your word choice and trying unique, thesaurus-inspired verbs. For instance, a few of my favorites are “Leverage, Apply, Consider, Buffer, Mitigate, Go Beyond, Stimulate, Invigorate, and Own.” There are probably thousands of other great ideas out there, but hopefully you get the idea.

Bring Creativity & Novelty to Your Copy

Especially in headers, be creative beyond your use of keywords. Speak to your target audience as if they were right in front of you. Display your passion for your product/service and add some personality and flavor to your tone.


The copy on your website is just one of many elements that makes up your brand identity. Having a voice that cuts through the bland and boredom of a particular industry or service sector is what motivates visitors to take action and convert. It’s also almost impossible for your competitors to copy.

These foundational local SEO copywriting tips are vital to keep your site fresh with new ideas and layers of creativity. Like I mentioned above, if you don’t rank in the top three, playing with these concepts can help draw attention to your site’s search engine listing and promote more click-throughs.

My name is Tyler Tafelsky, this article was contributed on behalf local SEO and Google Maps marketing company, CaptivateLocal.com. Get in touch with CaptivateLocal.com for a free consultation or just to say hello. I will personally scope out your business and see how we can help provide insights surrounding local and Google Maps SEO and Google search marketing consulting solutions.

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