5 Mailing Machine Systems for Businesses & Mailrooms

Unautomated mailrooms can get quite hectic. From the piling-up of unsent letters, undelivered parcels, and potential for postal errors, manual mailrooms can be a bane to any business.

Automation of the mailroom should therefore be a priority for any business that has a high throughput of outbound mail. If you are wondering which mailing machines you require to automate your business mailroom, we have comprehensively summarized some of the most essential mailing machine systems that many business require for more efficient mailing.

mailing machines postage meters

Postage Meters

Gone are the days when the only option you had for your outgoing mail was to manually and physically keep track of the postage costs. This can now be done using a postage meter. This device is made up of a base and a meter.

The base acts as a feed for the mail pieces guiding them for stamping and this can either be leased or bought. The meter acts as a counter for the mail pieces, serving as the basis for postal accounting.

A postage meter can be leased from a postal service provider, or bought from a supplier of postage meters and related mailing system machines. So what do you have to look out for before you buy a postage meter?

  • Automated or manual feeding – If the base feeder is automated, the postage meter will be able to handle a larger volume of mail pieces as opposed to manual base feeding.
  • Capacity of the base – The bigger the capacity, the better and faster the mail handling is.
  • Speed of the postage meter – These vary from 20-200 mail pieces per minute, and the faster the speed the better.

Postage meters add value to the business in that they offer a basis for more accurate postal accounting and also offer a platform to place postmark advertisements that further strengthen the brand of a company.

Tabbing & Labeling Machinesmailing machines tabbing labeling

Tabbing machines in the mailroom are used to affix tabs to folded mail pieces while labeling machines are used to affix labels to mail pieces. The tabbing machines offer a good substitute to the conventional envelopes, as well as ensuring the mail piece remains light making it becomes subject to postal discounts. Some of the features that you have to look out for in buying these matters include:

  • The capacity of the machine or the number of mail pieces it can process per hour.
  • The number of tabs or labels it can place per mail piece.
  • The accessory features the machine has such as presence of conveyors, stamp affixers or automated feeders.

Tabbing machines provide security to mail pieces as any intrusion tampers with the affixed tab and is an immediate giveaway of intrusion.

Folding Machines address printers

Manual folding of bulky volumes of mail pieces in mailrooms is not only labour intensive, but a higher incidence of accidents through paper cuts is reported. Folding machines aid in folding mail pieces. The features that you have to look out for in folding machines include:

  • The types of paper the ¬†machine can fold – Can it fold duplicating paper? Rough paper? Bond paper? Or recycled paper?
  • The folding types and styles of the machine – is it gate style? Zigzag style? Single style? Or Fold out style?
  • The speed of the folding machine.
  • The capacity of the folding machine – What is the amount that can fit into the sheet feed tray?

Postal Scales mailing machines postage scales

Postal scales ensure economy when sending out parcels, letters and packages. They are sold in different capacities: five, ten, thirty, a hundred and three hundred pound capacities. The features that you need to take note of in a postal scale include:

  • Ease of use as these machines are used by a different people within the organization.
  • Maximum weight the scale can accommodate.
  • Compatibility with the postage meter installed in order to know if it will be bought as a stand-alone unit or in-line with the existing postage meter.
  • Accessory features such as rate comparator of different carriers and automatic ZIP-code converters.

Address Printers

As the name suggests, these are used to print addresses on the mail pieces. It can also be used to print barcodes as well as postage paid impressions. They come in a variety of capacities, and you can have high volume, mid volume and low volume address printers. The features you need to consider when looking for address printers include:

  • The capacity of the address printer.
  • Resolution of the printer (ranges from 600 dpi to 2400 dpi) and the print-head technology it uses (is it HD LED or traditional laser)
  • The number of toner cartridges the address printer requires.
  • The material it can print on especially the heaviness of the cards it can print on.

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