Essential Mailing Machine Technology for Office Mailroom Operations

More and more businesses are starting to invest in mailing machines (i.e. postage meters, address printers, labelers, etc.) to manage their mailing needs in-house. Instead of having to visit the post office every time something needs to be sent, an internal mailroom equipped with the right mailing machine technology can provide a higher level of efficiency (both cost and productivity) for certain businesses.essential mailing machines

While there are many different types of mailing machines to support today’s busy office mailroom operations, there are a few products that are essential for an effective in-house mailing systems. Below we discuss three of the most essential mailing machine technologies for office mailroom operations.

1. Postage Meterspostage meter mailing machine

As far as mailing machines are concerned, the postage meter is an asset used in business mailrooms to save time, add convenience and reduce costs associated with mailing. Postage meters are also referred to as franking machines, and their primary task is to frank or print indicia on postage envelopes as they pass through the mailing machine.

Basically, the data printed on the postage envelope is what is referred to as frank and contains information regarding the mailing item. Such information may include the amount of postage paid, item weight, mailing class and company zip code. Today on the market, there are various different types of postage meter machines for sale which business can choose based on their mailing requirements, frequency, and volume.

Postage Meter Components

A standard postage meter in most cases comprises of 6 major components, namely: the base, feeder, postage scale, sealer, stacker, and tape dispenser. The base is the area where mails are moved on, whereas the feeder is where they run through before stamping by the meter.

The postage scale on the other hand weighs your mail and automatically assigns calculated postage amounts. Sealers moisten, glue and seal envelopes whereas the stacker is where stamped mails are collected from. Packages that are irregularly shaped are corrected by use of tape from the tape dispenser

Benefits of Postage Meters

Numerous benefits come along with postage meter mailing machines. The two most important among these include the fact that they reduce time spent in mailing operations and induce a significant cost benefits to the business in the long run. Postage meters make it easier for a business to track spending on parcel posts, mails, letters and much more.

As a business professional, you get to know the exact amount of postage remaining in the meter at any given time. They also increase convenience and ease of conducting mailing operations and aside from printing stamps; they can also be used in printing advertisement messages on mail to enhance, thus contributing as a marketing tool.

Types and Features of Postage Meters

Different types of mailing machine models and brands offer different operations and functions of postage meters, some of which combine this function with electronic scales. Additionally, some mailing machines are equipped with additional functionalities such as envelope sealing and automatic feed. To lower the costs of mailing and enhance operational convenience, some postage meter types have advanced functions such as the following.mailing machines postage meters

Advanced postage meters provide the following additional features to lower costs and increase convenience:

  • Authentication bar code system to verify sender and receiver details
  • Automatic data advance
  • Automated feeder and postage rate adjustment
  • Password security system
  • pre-set programs

Once you have familiarized yourself with some of the various types of benefits of various postage meter machines, finding a postage meter for your business.

2. Address Printers

address printer pitney bowes

This is a complete address printer set-up from Pitney Bowes.

Just like the name suggests, address printers are mailing machines that allow business mailrooms the convenience of printing address information on postage packages and mails directly without relying on post office services.

These vital mailing machines thus allow a business to save a significant amount of money depending on their postage volumes. Some of the most advanced address printer mailing machines can print addresses, barcodes, attention lines and even permit indicia.

Benefits of Address Printers

Apart from reducing the costs involved in mailing, increasing productivity and reducing the time spend on postage operations, some types of address printers can also print other information such as marketing messages on postage pieces; serve as postage meters, label and even do more. Most of them are table top mailing machines, meaning that they are portable and space conserving.

3. Tabbers & Labelerstabber mailing machine

In business mailroom operations, some types of postage pieces may not necessarily need envelops. This is where tabbers and labelers come in handy. Tabbers and labelers are automatic mailing machines that digitally apply tabs wafer or label seals of mailing items that are open ended. These could be folder stocks, booklets, postcards, or newsletters and much more. Advanced tabber machines allow you to apply up to 3 tables on mailing items.

Benefits of Tabbers & Labelers

They make your mail more secure and ensure that postage is not miss-delivered. They also allow you to apply stamps as well as address labels effectively and efficiently. In the long run, these mailing machines will add convenience, reduce mailing costs and save time and effort that could be invested elsewhere within your organization.

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