Nationwide Medical Billing Services of Practice Management

Illinois-based medical billing firm, Practice Management, provides highly-specialized billing services designed to help medical practitioners and their staff take better control of their billing processes. Originally founded to provide clients with electronic and non-electronic medical billing services, Practice Management helps clients free the burden of complex medical billing procedures, allowing them focus on improving productivity and overall income.

Practice Management Medical BillingThe comprehensive medical billing services of Practice Management include, but are not limited to: filing appeals for claims, electronic billing, paper billing, procedure coding, and practice-based billing services. These solutions can save medical practitioners and clinics the extra costs of investing in software updates used in billings, as well as internal training, mailing costs, office supplies for printing and photocopying, and other costs associated with handling medical billing claims

Practice Management’s medical billing services cover a wide scope of particular medical specialties, including FQHC billing services, cardiology billing services, surgery billing services, and OB/GYN billing services, to name a few. Below we go into greater detail about what makes Practice Management’s medical billing services some of the leading solutions in the nation.

Highly-Specialized Staff billing services

Because Practice Management’s team works hand-in-hand with you and your staff, the company provides not only a friendly and approachable staff, but also highly specialized in many areas of medicine.

Practice Management is known for having dependable staff that is knowledgeable in many areas of medical billing and coding, spanning from billing for FQHC’s to pediatric billing solutions.

Always Ahead & Always Prepared

Another good point of feedback from the company’s clients is the capability of Practice Management’s workforce to work under pressure with grace and precision. Their employees are always prepared and eager to complete their jobs ahead of time. Honesty and reliability are two of the most important qualities that Practice Management employees possess, and this enables their clients to trust that they are receiving what is due their hard work.

Adaptive Medical Billing Servicesmedical billing

The company’s ability to work out their clients’ transition from paper billing to electronic billing practically saves time and effort and encourages further development in their clients’ medical business.

As they take charge in all the billing aspects of their clients’ business, more and more patients are getting served right as the medical practitioners are able to focus more on practicing their profession, rather than managing his or her own employees who will make sure that every hard-earned dollar goes to where it should be.

Fast Turnaround

Practice Management boasts of a 24-hour turnaround time on electronic as well as non-electronic claims. This basically means that you will get a clear and accurate explanation of your benefits from different types of claims including Medicare, Medicaid, as well as WC.

Assessments Not Charged, Payments are Timely

Practice Management believes that every doctor, who is able to focus on his or her patient, is an important contribution to the society. This is why their billing services are comprehensive and accurate. Whether you’re in need of OB/GYN billing or podiatry billing services, they offer free assessments.

Once a contract with the company begins, they put an extra effort in doing follow-ups to make sure that each claim filed is paid on time. Ultimately, this is something every medical practitioner would love to have a chance to put their complete attention to their patients, while a reliable billing service takes care of the rest.

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