3 Essential Neopost Products for Effective Mailing Systems

postage mailing systems stampSince early 2008, the cost of buying first-class stamps has increased by 67% while that of second-class stamps by 85%. Just for purposes of comparison, it should be noted that the cost of a liter of gas has changed by 30%. This marks a significant increase in postage costs which is also directly related to the cost of operating most mailing systems.

As the price of stamps has skyrocketed over the past few years, the added costs are putting pressure on the financial reserves of small businesses around the globe. Controlling costs and maintaining profitability is not a walk in the park, especially when business is being done in a flat economy.

And for the majority of businesses out there, postage by mail is as essential as any other fundamental part of the business. In a world dominated by computers and smart devices, majority of businesses still rely on printed invoices when collecting payments from customers. This means that physical mail will always remain in the hearts of both small and large commercial enterprises as they seek to maintain a strong customer relationship.

Postage Still Remains Relevant for Many Businesses

The world has become more digitally-oriented so that most communications only take place through email and social media channels. However, postal communication still plays a major part in reinforcing the message.

In fact, according to a research conducted by Royal Mail, physical mail increases payback by 20%. Thankfully, businesses still have an option to cut the cost of communication significantly. Of course the main focus is on using Neopost USA products for effective communication to the intended audience.

Neopost Mailing System Solutions neopost

Neopost USA has been a pivotal resource for many businesses and postage operations alike that demand proficient and efficiency-driven mailing systems. Here are three essential Neopost products for effective bulk mailing systems for businesses by Neopost.

Neopost Mailing Machines

With Neopost’s mailing machines, businesses can send out advertisements, booklets, brochures and other documents in minutes. These machines save time, paper, postage and ink as well. They give the most efficient and reliable logistics when it comes to sending out mails. In this category of products, smart mailing technology is used effectively to enhance speed of communication. Mail processing is improved, tracking and reporting is made easier, plus resources are saved in the process.

Neopost Address Printersaddress printer

These are machines that eliminate the high cost of postage return fees through the use of a highly efficient and intuitive user interface. Neopost’s envelope address printers can be selected based on a company’s mailing quantity, speed, type and other details.

In their lineup of address printers, users will also have a chance to work with automated printers that output bold and eye-catching communication material while saving both time and money. Neopost address printers have high graphic and photo processing capabilities. High speed as well as superior print quality is the epitome of their design.

Neopost Mail Management Software mailing system machines software

The use of intelligent software to address communication needs will ensure improved productivity and cost of communication. Processing mail is much easier with Neopost USA software solution which digitize all paper documents. Again, improving address accuracy eliminates the need to waste time while also improving delivery times. With these software solutions, businesses can improve information accuracy at point of capture – both for bulk mailing as well as for customer data held in the database. There are many more features and benefits that come with Neopost mail management software.

Even though the world is now relying on other channels to communicate, the use of postal communication is still essential, and this is the reason why big brands still rely on physical mail even when they have emails, Facebook communication and all the rest.

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