Best On-board Loader Scales That Offer The Greatest ROI

on-board weighing loader scaleOn-board loader scales offer incredible efficiency in the field. Whether for mining and aggregate operations or farming and agriculture harvests, weighing loads directly from a wheel loader can offer the best weighing solution for many applications.

If you transport loads via wheel loader and have interest in on-board scales for loaders, then see the follow products that offer the greatest ROI.

WK50S Wheel Loader Scale from Walz Scale

walz on-board loader scalesThe WK50S wheel loader scale from Walz Scale is not only easy to install and use, but it conveys advanced weight data through a simple software interface. Walz loader scales and on-board weighing systems are known to maximize both accuracy and throughput. The system can include a ticket printer to the WK50S loader scale weighing terminal.

When choosing on-board loader scale for miners, mining companies, the WK50S loader scale is a perfect choice due to the need to weigh the heaviness of loads at a reasonable cost.

On-board Weighing Features

WK50S is a product that has a number of efficient and advanced features that making it outstanding compared to other on-board scales. They include:

  • USB data collection: The USB interface is intended to permit administrators to remove their creation information and transfer it onto their office administration frameworks.
  • Driver interface: driver interface has been intended to provide administrators with all the instruments important to perform their operations effectively and precisely.
  • Extreme durability: amazing durability and unwavering quality of the WK50S loader scale is because of its licensed sensor innovation.
  • Accurate data in production: wheel loader scale framework is the perfect answer for makers hoping to track creation information and expand truck stacking, with expanded data accumulation capacities.
  • Standard benefits which include dynamic in motion weighing, easy operation, simple installation, running total memory, target weight function, back-weight function, large clear display, illuminated display, master data memory, printer interface, usb module interface.
  • Volume calculations: comes standard with the capacity to weigh and show by volume. Permitting operations to oversee and track creation in yards.
  • Complete system: the system usually comes with all its components for installation purposes.

Value & Benefits

  • Loader Scale Works With All Wheel Loaders
  • Straightforward Operation on all Loader Scales
  • Graphical Operator Interface
  • Exact Results in Tough Conditions
  • Strong Loader Scale Design
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Wheel Loader Scales are Field Installable
  • Various Communication Protocol Options
  • In-Motion Weighing (On-board Scales)
  • Can Bus transport Communications
  • Wheel Loader Scales are Field Serviceable
  • Worked in Support For Ticket Printing

PFREUNDT Wheel Loader Scale from PFREUNDT

PFREUNDT is a leading global manufacturer of on-board weighing systems. The German-based company offers an advanced wheel loader scale that delivers reliable accuracy and faster throughput for many applications.

On-board Weighing Features PFREUNDT on-board scales

  • Digital pressure sensors: Oil weight sensor with overload security; incorporated temperature control; simple join screw connections.
  • Weighing range sensors: For element weighing amid operation; dependable meaning of the weighing range; basic assembly. PFREUNDT on-board scale technology is fully-functional.
  • Weighing electronics: Proven frameworks for long-term use; Instinctive operation; connection with the PFREUNDT weighing systems Web Portal.

Value & Benefits

  • Legal for exchange
  • Simple and Straight installation
  • retrofitting
  • High-accuracy and quick weight capture
  • maintenance is free
  • Worldwide information access
  • cost effective

Tuffer™ Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales from Vishay Precision Group

Vishay Precision Group’s Tuffer™ Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scales provide the level of efficiency and information needed to weigh loads faster and keep trucks moving without going to a central scale location and back to the pit. Vishay Precision Group offers a number of on-board and portable truck scales systems.

On-board Weighing FeaturesVishay Precision Group

  • Easy to use, menu-driven configuration
  • Second loader setup accessible
  • High precision say something movement scale
  • Fits loaders of most brands and sizes
  • Display of individual lifts and aggregate truck loads
  • Storage of ten cumulative sums in memory
  • Easy installation, alignment, and also operation
  • System operation without need to expel hand from the lifting lever
  • provides liquid
  • crystal display, large and simple to clients
  • Quick-discharge mounting for secure storage during the night alternately use on different loaders

Value & Benefits

  • Load maximum lawful loads on the loading point the first run through stacked
  • Pull more tons per trip
  • Save time loading, holding up to check weigh, and reloading
  • Pull more loads every day
  • Eliminate overweight fines
  • Reduce business scale expenses
  • Stop pulling free tonnage and giving material away
  • weight in abundance of the contracted weight

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