Advanced On-board Truck Scale Applications for Mining

Compared to conventional truck scale systems, on-board truck scales are massively more efficient when it comes to providing accurate weight data in the mining industry. A weight system should work accordingly for the efficiency and profitability to the mining company. For these reasons, alone three unique on-board truck scale applications have been developed to meet such demands in the mining industry.on-board scale display

A good on-board truck scale will come equipped with easy operator interface and LCD screen. This is how the operator can effectively know the truck load weight. These are some of the most advanced weigh scale systems for those working in the mining industry, as they can help record accurate data and increase profitability by means of their unique design.

Let’s jump into the three advanced applications of on-board truck scales. These are not applications for your mobile phone, but rather mining vehicles and equipment in which on-board scales have been integrated.

On-board Haul Truck Scales

The first on-board truck scale that has become a need within the industry is the haul truck scales. These scales record the load data from individual truck loads. This on-board truck scale will record the gross and net weight of each load.

haul truck scale on-board

Like most on-board scales, there are isolated weighing mechanisms that separate the truck bed from the truck chassis. The haul truck scales can be installed into the truck’s cab with the weight indicators and truck terminals. These scales offer an added boost of features for communications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and software for data analysis.

On-board Wheel Loader Scales

Front end wheel loader scales better known as wheel loader scales are great for consistent weight readings while mining. These scales allow basic weight reading while logging standard data. As the needs are different in these on-board truck scales so are the features offered. Some will come equipped with additional features such as Wi-Fi, product recognition, and inbuilt reverse cameras.wheel loader on-board scale installation

One provider of on-board wheel loader scales is Walz. In addition to offering a multitude of on-board truck scales, Walz offers three different on-board scales for wheel loaders that each handle different capacities as well as offer unique readout features and functionality.

On-board Conveyor Belt Scales

Although not a truck or vehicle, on-board conveyor belt scales are a tool rising within the mining industry. The popularity is due to the rising rate of mining companies concentrating on limiting overhead costs. Using a single scale unit via conveyor belt will cut down on the wait time and become a time efficient use of technology.conveyor belt on-board scale

The on-board conveyor belt scale system will measure payload weights in minimum time. If considering the use of these scales there are major pros to investing such as high efficiency, increased throughput, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, dependable production data, and it is a more convenient alternative to the in ground scales.

On board conveyor belt scales also offer multiple features. These may include multiple scale units that can be controlled with a single interface, and interface features that interpret the information needed as it is displayed. Some of these scales also offer 3D volumetric scanning solutions. This allows mining companies to troubleshoot material density, load positions, bed volume, and material fragmentation. This will help in reducing waste resources and have the data running smoothly.

On board truck scales are easily installed and can be placed skid steers, carts, and loading trucks. They provide quick and accurate measurement of excavated ores and minerals. These scales are often used during loading, excavation, offloading, and transportation. Some offer more advanced features than others. Some feature wireless opportunities while others may offer sensors to calculate the material seamlessly. The use of on-board truck scales can help reduce those expenses and labor involved in mining those minerals and allow for accurate measurements that will increase profitability.

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