3 Reputable Suppliers of On-Board Vehicle Weighing Systems

on-board weighing system for haul truckThe advantages of on-board vehicle weighing systems have been implemented by many major industries.

The mining industry, the logging industry, and not forgetting scrap and waste industries all leverage the incredible efficiency of on-board weighing systems for trucks and large hauling vehicles.

Certified, Legal-for-Trade On-board Weigh Scaleson board vehicle weighing systems

Most on-board scale systems available are not always certified. Fully-certified and legal-for-trade weighing systems are available worldwide, however they are only supplied by a few major truck scale companies. The majority of the non-certified systems are used to give an estimation of loads and steering clear of being fined for overloading.

The certified, and legal-for-trade on-board truck scale systems are widely used to reduce the time of the route, and also calculates a better delivery as your vehicle no longer have to travel to a certified truck scale, before and after travelling to and from a client. The weight ticket can be produced on the client’s site as to prevent any confusion and to save time and money.

Walz Scale On-board Weighing Systems

Walz Scale provides a reputable source for industrial truck scales, many on-site services, as well as offering many other superb weighing systems for mining, farming, freight, retail and shipping. Walz complete line of weighing products includes heavy duty axle scales, wheel weighing systems, weighbridges, floor scales, and even pallet jack scales to name a few. And of course, Walz is an industry-leader for on-board vehicle weighing systems.

Walz Scale supplies a complete spectrum of solutions and is considered one of the industry leaders for on-board weighing solutions for all needs and applications. Walz Scale is a global supplier and provides support of heavy-duty truck scales and weighing precisely. The company focuses on developing advanced technologies for weighing. It’s on-board truck scales are some of the broadest on the planet.

Walz Scale weighing systems and truck scales are designed to gather valuable data but to then also transfer this data to the information management system of the client. In order for its clients to manage their critical weight and payload data more efficiently.

Rice Lake On-board Vehicle Weighing Systems

Rice Lake on-board vehicle weighing systems can be used on many common truck and trailer designs out there. The TradeRoute system, consists of weigh modules that are installed around the truck’s framework.

load weighing on board truck scale

The uniqueness of this system is the use of the hydraulics, the load doesn’t rest on the loading cells while the vehicle is in motion. The system can only be used when the truck is not in motion, and the hydraulics can engage the load cells. This system will prevent a lot of unnecessary wear and tear and increase the longevity of the system.

QWM’s On-board Truck Scales

QWM’s on-board vehicle weighing system, have expanded to include the PM onboard range of weighing systems, because of the international acclaim it has received. There are systems available for air-suspension vehicles, bulk tippers, semi-trailers and drawbar vehicles. There are also products for waste collection, recycling vehicles or light commercial vehicles up to 11 tons. Our specifically engineered onboard weighing systems are designed for high accuracy on rough terrain. on-board scale display

The systems are waterproof to marine quality specifications, our systems can be used in quarries, and aggregates feed delivery and other off-road functions. For the vehicles working with an air suspension system, a sensor which measures the weight upon the suspension system can be fitted quickly and with little effort. With waste becoming a larger and larger problem everyday our product for waste management solutions and integrated weighing systems, designed to spec for refuse collection vehicles.

These systems continually provide precise weight information and is highly effective in payload control and the efficiency of accumulating weight accuracy. We supply numerous advantages to onboard vehicle weighing for all our loyal customers.

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