Organic & Natural Toys: A Look Into a Thriving Industry

When we think about the booming toy industry, we don’t often think about organic and natural toys. However, these more eco-friendly toys are emerging onto the market as a hot commodity in today’s more environmentally concsious world. Why?

kid playing with natural toys of wood

Below we take a close look into the thriving industry of organic and natural toys, and why these options are becoming a popular choice among parents all throughout the globe.

Organic & Natural Toys Are Safe

Perhaps the primary reason why organic and natural toys for kids are coming on strong throughout the world is because toys made from organic and 100% all natural materials are completely safe for kids. Because toys are commonly put into children’s mouth (particularly toys for babies and toddlers) safety is a huge concern.

Many plastic toys contain a host of potentially harmful substances, such as lead, arsenic, and phthalates. The latter, phthalates, are a group of chemicals that are commonly used to soften and increase the flexibility and pliability of plastic toys. In fact, phthalates have been known to stunt the growth of young children by causing hormonal imbalances, particularly in small girls.

Natural & Organic Toys Foster Natural Learning

Unlike conventional toys that provide all of the bells and whistles (which are counterintuitive in their very nature,) natural and organic toys for kids foster natural cognitive development in many different ways. The simplicity yet intricacy of natural toys encourages children to be more creative and use their imagination. This promotes higher levels of engagement, and less passive stimuli like most conventional toys that claim to be educational.

Eco-friendly Toys Are Sustainably Manufactured

Many conscious parents are also supportive of environmentally friendly business practices, particularly in the harvesting and manufacturing of the products that they buy. There’s no except to toys, as many conventional toys are made using non eco-friendly practices.

In the case of natural and organic toys for kids, these types of toys are almost always sustainably harvested and manufactured from natural woods, organic cotton, wool, and other materials that don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Organic and natural toys retailers like Hazelnut Kids and Pure Play Kids go beyond stocking nothing but natural toys in their inventory. For instance, Hazelnut Kids donates 1 percent of their sales to land conservancies. Additionally, Hazelnut Kids also has one tree planted for every product that is purchased from their store.

If that’s not enough to encourage you to buy organic and natural toys, consider the economic impact that you can make by purchasing organic and natural toys for kids. Most retailers are small shops that are locally-focused. Supporting these businesses gives back to the local economy, which takes big box corporate retailers out of the equation.

Support a thriving industry that does good for the environment, younger generations, and the world as a whole. Next time you need to buy a toy, look for organic and natural toys whenever possible.

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