Payload Pro’s Volume Load Scanner: An Industry Game-Changer

From agriculture to mining, the need to measure the weight of truck loads is present in almost any industry that extracts resources or harvests goods that need to be valuated. For high volume applications such as shipping operations and logistics, the fixed truck weighing scales are most vastly used. However, a more simple and versatile solutions for truck weighing and truck scale systems can offer greater efficiency and functionality. Payload Pro’s Volume Load Scanner is one of this modern weighing solutions that leverages cutting edge technology.

load scanner mining truck

Payload Pros has introduced one of the most advanced load scanner technology on the market. As they pass through the device, this volume load scanner system can provide monitoring and reporting of data and 3D generated images from scanned truck beds. The Payload Pro’s Volume Load Scanner system uses the latest technology for payload management and load scanning, enabling real time management and tracking.

Features of the Payload Pro’s Load Scanner System

The volumetric load scanner from Payload Pro comes with features especially designed for companies with high volume operations and fast throughput. These scanner systems are using an automated system in order to be able to monitor the load capacity of hauled materials. This weighing solution provides real time measurements of motion trucks’ load capacities.

See the volume load scanner system in action below. This video was created by the parent company of Payload Pros. You can get more information by visiting

The volume load scanner system functions by first scanning the empty trucks. After scanning again the loaded trucks, the system can calculate the actual load capacity. The Payload Pro scanner uses modern technology to provide a multitude of reporting after loading imagery logs for every truck.

volume load scanner 3d image

Among the features of the Payload Pro load scanner are included:

  • Low maintenance technology
  • Volumetric 3D imagery for truck beds for sufficient monitoring
  • Capability for In-motion load scanning
  • Capability to take and store high definition load images
  • Simple setup of the software platform

Technology Supporting the Load Scanner

In order to maximize productivity, volume load scanners provide high definition 3D load images. These images provide some additional benefits such as material compaction analysis, manage load position, monitor spillage, and monitor carry back.

The system is comprises of a laptop or PC, a 3D laser load scanner unit, and mounting hardware. The Payload Pro scanners come with user friendly load management software. The platform provides real time data logs of the transiting in motion trucks.Load Scanner Mount

The onsite dynamic volumetric load scanning system is a revolutionary and powerful tool, and an industry game-changer that can help operations better manage their loading and haulage assets. With a load scanner system from Payload Pros, Companies can leverage many tools and features, with a load scanner system from Payload Pros, for advanced and highly-efficient data management and pay load scanning:

  • Verify Truck Body & Tray Design
  • Volumetric Production Monitoring
  • Load Position Monitoring
  • Fill Factor Monitoring
  • Carry Back Monitoring
  • Material Density

Payload Pro’s 3D Volume Load Scanner can be setup onsite within minutes in order to take full advantage of this ideal tool. Among the advantages of using a volumetric load scanner from Payload Pro are included:

  • Accurate Load Volume Calculations
  • Flexible and Durable
  • Reliable Functionality
  • Optimized Efficiency

With this load scanner system companies have the ability to track actual carried volume in real time per truck. This is a powerful tool for operations, for managing carry back and body/tray design and providing advanced imagery and accurate real time volumetric load verification.

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