Portable In-motion Axle Scales Advance Standards in Weighing Technology

Portable in-motion axle scales are quickly becoming the most popular method of weighing trucks, payload management, and calibration for freight, shipping, retail, mining, agriculture, and more. These advanced axle scales are available in multiple sizes and capabilities, all designed to provide easy vehicle weighing in or out of motion.

portable in-motion axle scale system

Benefits of Portable In-motion Axle Scales

Portable in-motion axle scales bring accurate truck weight from modern load cells and weighing sensor technology. The system is made from steel or aluminum, threaded with smooth top plate and heavy duty axle scales that can weigh large off-road vehicles from all types of conditions. The system can be placed to any types of terrain and once the truck passes over the system, you can expect for real time accurate weight to all vehicles.

To learn more about how these axle scale weighers work, AgWeigh’s AXW-IM-Series of in-motion axle scales in action below:

Unlike other truck axle scales, the in-motion system does not require the truck to stop completely. The truck can pass over the scale at speeds of 3-5 MPH and the system will determine accurate weight measurements. It is made from highly durable strength steel that ensures optimal strength to weigh all kinds of heavy duty trucks. The small size of the removable ramps also reduces the bulkiness of the system, thus making it portable enough to be carried around everywhere you like.

Features & Functionality of In-motion Axle Scales

The versatility of the scale also enables anyone to weigh trucks anywhere. It comes with modern weight terminal system, rechargeable battery, as well as an LCD display that shows the weight accurately. The portability of in-motion axle scales also makes this the most sought for weighing purposes. You can easily set the system in a couple of minutes and can be taken down with ease. Using a carrying case, you can bring the portable axle scale almost anywhere you like.

portable in-motion axle scale

Another benefit of this scale system is the affordability. The cost of portable in-motion axle scale is cheaper than traditional weighing scales. You can also operate the scale easily and effectively because of its many applications and settings that give accurate results for different kind of uses.

The system is also designed for simple low cost installation. You do not need a lot of people to install and operate in-motion axle scale. Simply drive over the axle scale and the system will capture the total gross weight of the vehicle.

Portable in-motion axle scale can also withstand heavy duty trucks because of the overload protector equipped in the system that varies from different lengths and weighing capabilities. It also features optional ramps for adverse and undulating terrain.


A lot of companies use portable weigh-in-motion scales to capture weight over several loaded trucks, especially for long travels. Running heavy can take its toll on the truck, specifically on the engine since it has to work harder when the truck carries tons of loads.

portable in-motion axle scales

In some states, an overloaded truck comes with great fines. With portable in-motion axle scales, you do not have to worry about getting accurate weighing results. It is easy to use and maneuver. These systems are very flexible, durable, cost-effective and highly dependable on your weighing needs.

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