Rail Scales Revolutionize Payload Management for Mining Companies

For mining operations that demand accurate weighing systems for high volume loads, rail scales are becoming a popular form of technology that’s revolutionizing the payload management process. Unlike cumbersome truck scales and weighing stations that add one extra step in the process, rail scales enable swift and efficient load weight calculations that seamlessly integrates the weighing process with final transport.

Rail Scale

Not all mining companies use rail to transport goods. But those that do can realize significant efficiency with a rail scale system. Whether it be a weighbridge rail scale for permanent application, or a portable rail scale that can measure weights while the rail car is in motion, this technology has progressed over the years to offer a number of advantages.

Increased Efficiency, Throughput, & Accuracy with Rail Scale Systems

portable rail scaleWhile most companies use out-dated or traditional weigh systems, what they don’t realize is the full potential and all the benefits that are brought by effective payload management systems. Mining companies that use rails as a mode of transporting their minerals can save a lot of money and time spent with less effective weighing scale systems.

Rail scales are the most effective weighing systems that a mining company can ever use to maintain accuracy on all cargoes transported on rails. Instead of wasting productive time that is used to take loads to truck scale, miming companies can rely on rail scales that are more accurate and faster than truck scales.

Take a look at the video below to see Walz Scale’s portable in-motion rail scale system and the components that make it work. Walz Scale is a leading provider of a wide range of scale systems, include various rail scale models. Click here to learn more about rail scale solutions for Walz Scale.

Rail Scales for Optimized Payload Management

The advantage of using rail scales is that mining operators can easily weigh cargo’s while they are still moving along the rails unlike truck scales where the driver has to mount the truck on a weigh scale and perfectly balance it’s alignment. Despite this, rail scales also come with installed high tech software’s that detect accurate weight carried by a train rail cargo, the result are analyzed by the scale system and displayed in seconds.

Rail scale system

The time it takes to weigh minerals and cargo on rails is very minimal as compared to truck scale where truck drivers and weighing operators spend a lot of time before getting the right measurements. This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of rail scales for not only mining companies, but also operations in agriculture, waste management, construction, and others. For more insights on applications, visit Walz Scale rail systems.

Eliminate Overloading Concerns & Wear-and-Tear on Vehicles

Apart from providing a good weigh system that ensures rail cars are never overloaded. Computerized rail scales provide mining officials with accurate records of the total amount of minerals and materials leaving their mines. The use of computerized rail scales also help to minimize instances of cargo rejections due to basis of exceeding or not meeting the required weight.

Rail Scale Installation

In addition, rail-scales can eliminate the company’s needs for a large and expensive-truck scale weigh system that would be required if the minerals are not weighed at the point-of-exit. Since rail scales saves more time than truck scale systems, mining companies can be able to achieve mining goals by taking advantage of the fast rail scale weighing systems to increase their produce. And like truck scales, rail scales come in many different forms, such as portable in-motion rail scales, as well as static weighbridge rail scales.

Companies that utilize rail scale technology, saves a lot of money that could have been spent on constructing expensive weighbridges for trucks. Advanced rail scale weighing system uses in-motion technology to weigh cargo trains while they are still moving at a low speed and this helps to make the whole weigh process simple and easy for operators.

Industry Advancement with Rail Scales

In today’s highly competitive world, every advantage that comes around must be exploited and used in the most efficient way as possible. Every day, in the mining industry, there are new mining technologies that are been developed to make mining work more easier and professional than before.

Mining companies that exploit the advantages of new mining technologies are always ahead of others and usually make huge profits. The need for accurate, effective and precise weighing systems has been a great concern for many mining companies. All extracted minerals, materials and fossil fuels must be measured in highly accurate units in order to ensure the exact demands are achieved.

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