Renting Warehouse Space? Know What to Look For

In many businesses, it becomes necessary to rent warehouse space. Warehousing solutions can be used for storage of various types of goods including raw materials for production as well as manufactured goods ready for distribution.

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Irrespective of the reason why you want to rent such space, it’s important that you be careful when doing so. This is because the quality of the space will affect many things including the value for money that you get from it. Additionally, some larger warehousing solutions provide full logistics and supply chain management, employing a complete workforce to function on your business’ behalf. Fortunately, there are a few simple guidelines you can use to help you find the ideal warehouse solution to meet your needs.

Temperature Control Needs

If you are going to rent a warehouse for storage of foods and beverage, you would need to find one that can maintain them in a fresh state. In such cases, your primary goal would be to find facilities that are refrigerated. Third-party logistics, supply chain management, and warehousing companies like United Facilities have created a great business model by catering to this demand.

It’s also important to make sure that they offer a degree of cooling that is required for the types of goods you will be storing. For instance, some foods will require lower storage temperatures than others, so not all cooled warehouses will be ideal for them.

Packaging Capabilities

In many cases, you will need to use the warehouse for packaging the goods as well. If this is a service that will be critical to your operations, you need to find a third party logistics and warehousing management firm that has such infrastructure in place. If not, you should be at least sure that you will be able to set up the infrastructure easily in the warehouse you have chosen. The last thing you want to worry about is having major difficulties after having committed to rent the warehouse space.

Efficiency & Reliability of Order Fulfillment

You can use your warehouse space to stock items for order fulfillment in future. If you are interested in doing this, you would need to rent space that actually allows you to do this. This can be done by first figuring out the fulfillment system you need to use, and then picking a warehouse that will allow you to implement this system with ease.

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Freight Forwarding & Transportation Services

Another common reason why some business owners will rent warehouse space is so as to use it as a base for freight transportation and forwarding. In such cases, the warehouse would need to have unique properties that make it effective for this. For instance, you are likely to use forklifts to move the goods around.

If your warehouse is not large enough to accommodate the goods and provide space for the forklifts to maneuver, it will be very difficult to manage your operations. This is just one aspect of operations you would need to keep in mind; there are many more.

In summary, if you are thinking of hiring warehousing solutions for any business application, you should always remember that a one size fits all solution does not exist. You often need to first figure out what properties you need from the warehouse, and then get one that can serve these needs.

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