Retro Two Carves Niche in Classic Cycling Jerseys

Retro Image Apparel Two (Retro Two) is a company that specializes in classic, custom and novelty cycling apparel for both men and women. This company has been able to successfully establish itself as the web’s source for creative and unique cycling jerseys that offer stunning and original designs (many of which are exclusive.)

classic cycling jerseys retro-two

Retro Two continuously release new and novel designs, like this classic favorite featuring Gumby,

Retro Two carries a vibrant collection of cycling apparel that span from elegant, earthy, and elaborate patterns to classic, vintage, and retro jerseys that embody the history of the sport. Many of the cycling jerseys from Retro Two are designed with unique and stunning graphics that capture social movements, bold culture pop icons, historic cycling races, astronomical undertones and beautiful illustration.

Keeping Performance of Utmost Importance

Despite the fact that the jerseys from this company capture a lot of things, they also enhance performance. This means that they jerseys are made I a way that the people who use them are optimally comfortable. These classic cycling jerseys are meant for maximum moisture wicking to enhance comfort and breathability.

The jerseys are also durable and they provide users with optimum value for the money they spend on purchasing the jerseys. Retro Two even provides limited six month warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and material provided the jersey does not get damaged because of, misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear. A person with a damaged jersey needs is to mail the jersey back together with the purchase receipt and the company will repair or replace the jersey.

From the company’s website one can be able to readily see the different classic jerseys together with their images, prices and detailed descriptions. Because of the uniqueness and the high quality of these jerseys, Retro Two is carving a niche in the online market for classic, unique, and novelty cycling jerseys.

A Couple Classic Jerseys from Retro Two

Some of the jerseys that have a rich history and are available from this company include the 1952 Cataluna Men’s Cycling Jersey. This unique looking jersey is inspired by the official poster of the 1952 Tour of Cataluna which was on its thirty second year. The history of this particular jersey is made even more popular by the fact that the Catalonia tour is the oldest annual race in Europe.

classic cataluna jersey

Some of the features of this classic cycling jersey includes that it is made using ultra soft euro mesh fabric that is meant to enhance comfort. It also allows four way stretch for enhanced performance since it has mesh side panels. The jersey also comes with three rear pockets and a dripper band made of silicon. Its eye catching color scheme is made using dye sublimation to ensure it does not fade no matter how many times it is washed.

Another classic and historic cycling jersey that is available at Retro Two is the Rosie The Riveter Women’s Cycling Jersey. This particular jersey was created by J. Howard Miller and she was on the cover of the 29th May, 1943’s Saturday Evening Post.

classic rosie jersey

The jersey is available in five different sizes as well as three different sleeve variations. It also has a hidden zipper which makes it easy to wear. It is made using ultra soft mesh fabric to ensure it is optimally comfortable.

Cycling Jerseys Crafted to Last

The graphics on all Retro Two cycling jersey will never fade out after repeated washing. They also have several pockets, including three rear pockets to enhance convenience for storing items. The quick dry technology makes these products some of the outstanding classic cycling jerseys available at Retro Two.

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