Top 3 Security System Suppliers in Central Illinois

As security systems become more and more advanced, many business and home owners are either upgrading their existing security systems, or adopting one for the first time. For those based in the greater Peoria/central Illinois area, there are a few reputable suppliers of security systems. While each supplier specializes in various types of security system products and solutions, they are all known to provide exceptional customer service and incredible display of security system solutions, depending on your needs.

security systems suppliers-peoria-illinoisSEICO Security

SEICO Security offers all you need to keep your home, business or institution secure; they have all surveillance systems including CCTV video surveillance inside and outside your house, access control systems, photo ID and fire alarms. SEICO is also known for their cutting-edge bank security systems and banking equipment that have helped secure banks and financial institutions.

Among the banking security systems that they supply include ATM Security, drive-up systems, night depositories, audio and video systems, access control systems, safe deposit boxes and under-counter cabinetry. They have also brought new security systems into the market to help financial institutions manage their security even cheaper; these include license plate camera, tube diverters, as well as advanced IP-surveillance software to track and monitor digital transactions and activity online.

SEICO Security has been in operation since 1972. They are popularized for their custom designed security systems that meet the need of every one of their clients. Not only do they supply quality security products but they also accompany these products with installation and monitoring services to give you peace of mind. True to their word, SEICO is a one stop shop for all your security needs. You can contact SEICO’s security system specialists for support and they will always be willing to assist.

Contact SEICO Security, located just outside of Peoria, at:

SEICO Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

Oberlander Alarm Systems

security systems
Oberlander Alarm Systems does not offer as much as SEICO in terms of products and solutions, but they are renowned for quality. They personalize alarms systems to meet your home or business needs. If you are looking for a company that will install and monitor an alarm system that will offer all you need to feel safe, Oberlander Alarm Systems is a good option. They have gone a notch higher as far as monitoring is concerned. Besides offering phone transmitted signals directly to a monitoring systems, they ensure that you can monitor your system through the internet and radio transmitter.

Oberlander is a personalized local service that has been serving Peoria, Central Illinois for more than 50 years. To this end, they have grown this business and stayed at the forefront of security systems technology to offer alarms that can be controlled by a smartphone or through internet connection. Oberlander is known for alarm security systems but they offer other systems such as video surveillance systems and interactive home automation systems. They supply equipment from industry leaders such as Bosch and Honeywell.

Tyco Integrated Security

Tyco has been in business since 1874. It is an international company with a branch operating in Peoria, Illinois. Tyco installs and services security systems in commercial property but they are spreading their services to residential properties. Being in operation for more than a century, this security systems supplier brings systems from renowned companies. Among their services include supply and installation of biometric entrance control points, video camera surveillance, audio and video and alarm systems among others.

Not only do they protect your business or your property from external threats but they also install systems that ensure you are protected from internal threats. The security systems supplier boasts a high number of specialists ready to help you find a system that matches your requirements. Tyco service your systems to keep them functioning optimally. Tyco has been holding events to sensitize people on their home and business security. Through these events, they showcase the latest technology in security systems and help businesspeople and homeowners choose what best fits them.

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