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Discontinued Bush Hog partsWell, It’s that time of year again to break out the Bush Hog and get to work. However for many Bush Hog equipment owners, it’s common to experience some damaged or issues that need to be fixed, particularly with older Bush Hog machines. You head to the local dealer only to find that the Bush Hog parts you need are for a discontinued model. Now what?

Before you start kicking the offending parts, let’s look online. There are several companies that still handle discontinued Bush Hog parts. Below are three of those suppliers who offer the widest selection of discontinued Bush Hog parts on the market.

German Bliss Online Parts Store

German Bliss, which operates a secure online parts store, is also an established dealer based in Illinois with almost 75 years of experience in the equipment industry. They have an extensive online selection of discontinued Bush Hog parts. Bush Hog parts online

While so many Bush Hog parts suppliers tend to deal only in new parts, German Bliss is the place to turn first when looking for that replacement part that is no longer in circulation. At the top of the German Bliss’ Bush Hog parts page you see two styles of rear mounted aerators which are popular this time of year. This is when you want to be breaking that ground for garden, yard or field prep.

There is a good selection of rear mounted grader blades too with sizes from 3,464lbs down to 150lbs with a work width from 4ft up to 14ft. Now you can get to that driveway or barn entrance without delay. They even feature two styles of backhoe attachments to assist you in any digging project you may be facing. There are many more items for you to browse this year. Check it out the company’s select of Bush Hog replacement parts for yourself.

Honorable Mention: Tuttle Motor and HardwareDiscontinued Bush Hog parts online

Tuttle Motor and Hardware, based in Texas, made a showing as well with their selection of discontinued Bush Hog parts. Featured on their site you will find rear mounted graders in sizes varying from 8-10 feet cutting width. There is also a choice of rigid deck rotary cutters and disk harrows. An array of post hole diggers are also available. The choices offered here put them in the running too.

Shopping for Bush Hog Parts Online

Probably the most disappointing result in the search for discontinued Bush Hog parts online was the actual Bush Hog brand site. Type in “discontinued parts’ in the search bar and you will come up with quite a list; that is until you realize you are looking at a list of downloads for manuals and spec sheets instead of actual purchasable parts.

While helpful if you need a refresher to service your existing parts, these just are not going to help you when it is an actual part you need. Equally confusing was three items had downloads for discontinued product.

We all know that changes happen every day, and some of us do not take well to some of those changes. While old school can sometimes remain the best technology, manufacturers are always going to look for the latest and greatest to improve the user ease and productivity of their products.

When you are faced with the dreaded discontinued announcement, do not give up or curse progress. There are others of a like mind out there and will always strive to put the old ways within your grasp again.

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