Essential Steps to Find The Best Triathlon Coaching Online

Today, there are many more triathlon coaches and training resources accessible online than there were several years ago. Due to this development, the task of finding the best online triathlon coach can be tricky.

best triathlon coaching onlineThere is a misconception that best triathlon coaches must either be former or present pro athletes. While some of the best triathlon coaches online are either current or former athletes, it does not mean that non-elite athletes or non-professional Ironman triathletes cannot make quality coaches. Some of the best coaches in the world are also non-athletes.

In essence, triathlon coaching is an art and science. It involves identifying potential, strengths, weaknesses and helping an athlete to achieve his or her potential. The following tips can help athletes find the best triathlon coach online

Personal Relationship With The Triathlon Coach

An individual`s personal relationship with the triathlon coach online is important especially when it comes to training. A good relationship with the tri coach will enable the trainer and the athlete to have better communication, understanding, and excellent working relationship.

Studies have shown that coaches who establish a close relationship with their trainees produce better athletes. However, this type of relationship requires ample participation and understanding from both parties. It is important for athletes to share their personal experiences before starting the training.

Education & Experience

A university degree in sports science or any associated field is vital to learn the basic foundations of athletics and performance. Although not essential, a good triathlon coach should also have knowledge in other areas such as sports psychology and kinesiology.

A coach who has such qualification is better placed to help an athlete to achieve great potential, unlike coaches who lack such qualifications. It is important to determine your benchmark in regards to educational qualifications before you try to find a triathlon coach online.

Triathlon Coaching Certifications

When looking for the best triathlon coaching online, it is important to consider certification. Essentially, certification is used to gauge the level of experience of the tri coach.

In the U.S., triathlon coaches have to invest their time and money to remain in their profession. This means that good coaches have to continue learning and acquire certification from time to time.

Triathlon Background, Understanding, & Experience

A good coach should have some background experience in racing, cycling, running and other related sports. This experience enables the trainer to understand what an athlete goes through. Also, triathlon experience enables the coach to design better training techniques and replace what he/she may consider less helpful.

Experience in Online Triathlon Coachingfind triathlon coaching online

Online triathlon coaching requires different approach and skills. Online coaching requires good communication skills and talents. Experience in online coaching should not be ignored especially for athletes who are interested in benefiting from online triathlon coaching. A good candidate should also be experienced in the basic of operating a successful triathlon coaching business both online and offline. This involves fluid communication, honesty and many of the qualities described here in this article.

Attention to Detail

A good coach always pays close attention to finer details. Attention to finer details such as personal weaknesses, strengths, and other related things is important in cultivating an athlete’s potential.

Understanding of Triathlon Training Concepts

A good coach should have an excellent understanding of the triathlon training techniques as well as online triathlon training programing for athletes. Some coaches design their training programs to meet the needs of every triathlete. Further, some use specific triathlon coaching platforms that may or may not be conducive to your interests as an athlete.

Since coaching individuals have different strengths and weaknesses, coaches often have to tailor their techniques to meet specific desires and needs.

Other important qualities of a good triathlon coach to consider:

  • Understanding of sports nutrition
  • Understanding of triathlon-specific biomechanics
  • Understanding of sport psychology
  • Respect and honesty as a triathlon coach
  • Listening skills
  • Passion for the sport of triathlon
  • Inspiration and motivation for triathletes.

Lastly. it is always vital to get references and recommendations from trusted friends, colleagues, triathlon coaching directories, or other professional and credible resources that offer personal experiences and reviews. Such reviews and references can be helpful in finding the best triathlon coach.

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