5 Tech-Driven Solutions That Have Changed Traditional Business Models

In today’s highly competitive market space, every enterprise or business is usually keen on gaining any available and viable competitive advantage. Over the years, there have been some very unique and technology driven solutions which have significantly impacted how many businesses operate. Here is a very brief look at five of these systems and how they have influenced business as we know it.

Access to Big Datatechnology driven business solution

Big data refers to new technologies and techniques which can cost effectively and efficiently handle twice or three times more data than most enterprises are currently handling. It is a fact that businesses are currently drowning in more data than ever before, with very little access to it.

This has in turn significantly shortened most business cycles, making it even more critical for businesses to see the stream of data and process it very fast so as to use it in making critical business decisions.

Even though data warehousing has now become quite popular, big data does demand that enterprises tap into silos and external systems. This has also had the effect of making open data a priority for technology companies, demanding a much higher operational velocity for enterprises in the process.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also another very interesting technology area that has had a very significant effect on most businesses. Because facilities and infrastructure are shared and made readily available in an instant, many companies have adopted this model for business IT support and data backup.

This has seen a radical shift in how enterprises manage and store their system resources. Apart from significantly reducing the cost of managing and acquiring state of the art technologies, cloud computing has had the effect of leveling the technological playing field for a wide variety of enterprises and businesses.

Also, cloud computing has made it easy for many players to enjoy the benefits of employing the latest cloud computing architectures which would otherwise be out of reach financially.

Remote Communications technology driven business solutions

Another unique technology solution that’s significantly impacted how most businesses operate is remote communications. With advances in technology, it is no longer necessary to physically visit a client to solve a problem or even report to the office as was the tradition so as to be categorized as a productive employee.

This is usually achieved by using a virtual private network, a thin client, or remote desktop application (or even developing a portal where employee schedules can be made accessible to clients and vendors as well.)

With either of the above technologies in place, you can have your network upgraded or a computer virus removed by an engineer who is in a different location. This not only makes technical support cheaper, but makes it available in a timely manner and on a much wider scale.

Laser Technology laser dimension scanner for packages

During the last several years, laser technology has developed in leaps and bounds. Diode lasers have become more powerful and much smaller with a much broader range of wavelengths to boot. From health or medicine to engineering, manufacturing and dimensioning, the breadth and depth of laser technology has been felt in virtually all facets of modern business.

A good example is how businesses and governments are currently using laser technology to scan packages through the airport or in manufacturing plants. With the help of package dimension scanners, units can be scanned and loaded to generate 3D dimensional imagery which can then measure weight and volume for a variety of uses. In the process, this dimensional weighing technology does provide highly accurate and complex details in seconds.

Social Media & Online Platforms

Social media is another technology driven service that’s significantly impacted how many businesses operate. Over the years, social media has overtaken traditional e-mail as the main source of communication in most business enterprises.

Increasingly, the business world continues to use social networks as well as other social media based services to collaborate, stay in touch and communicate with clients, suppliers and competitors.

Currently, some key aspects of many CRM processes are being overhauled so as to reflect the social media effect on business processes. As a matter of fact, there are reports that the revenue growth of businesses that have integrated social media is 24% higher than enterprises which can be categorized as being less social.

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