The Neon South Launches New Web Design for Custom Tank Top Shoppers

The Neon South has been devoted to providing clients with custom tank tops and apparel for all kinds of group needs. Today, The Neon South has a brand new website design that is catering to today’s custom tank top shoppers.

The new design of The Neon South website was created with the intention of creating a vibrant and appealing website that is also very easy to use. Customers can quickly get onto the site and use a simple interface that makes it easy for them to customize and order products as they see fit.

Neon South Website

How Does the Design Process Work?

The website has a redesign that features a section on the front page where the customer can search for not only the type of product one wants but also the design that can be used. The customer can choose to start with either one first.

The design process allows the user to quickly submit one’s information to the website for a quote on an order, or for an artwork proof can be provided based on the customers design ideas. The Neon South is promoting its work heavily by providing its services to customers within one business day.

The site has particularly established a series of new sections devoted to specific themes. These include themes that entail holidays, Greek organizations and much more. The site has even created some designs that are loose parodies of some assorted company logos.

A User-Friendly Experience

Custom Tank Top DesignOne of the main concepts that The Neon South is promoting comes from how the site is designed to be very easy for people to utilize. The site is organized to where people can quickly choose different types of custom tank tops as they see fit for their demands.

The site has plenty of clear-cut pictures of different tank tops and other products for sale. Customers can preview different products, colors and patterns on the fly and can quickly upload images as needed. The site has been adjusted with care to provide customers with a simple interface.

The user experience is designed for people who want all kinds of products on the site. These include long and short-sleeve shirts plus tank tops and hats alike. Although the company’s core focus is designing custom tank tops, they also offer customizable hats, sunglasses, t-shirts, fanny packs, and much more.

The site is hoping to sell more of custom tank tops and other products in the near future. The design that The Neon South is using was clearly made with the intention of creating a look that is conducive to all the important shopping functions that many be held by all sorts of people who want to get the most out of the products that they are trying to attain for group-related purposes.

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