Top 5 Suppliers of Truck Scales in the Midwest

The accurate and consistent management of truck loads is one of the most important aspects of companies involved in the businesses of mining, agriculture, construction, transportation and logistics. Payload management systems and truck scales are vital for many of these industries,a dn for many reasons. For instance, if a truck exceeds legal highway weight limits, the company responsible may need to pay hefty fines. Further, overloaded trucks will also lead to faster wear and tear on vehicles.truck scales

Investing in the reliable and accurate weighing systems and truck scales is the smart strategy for businesses engaged in load management. If a company has its own truck scales in working order, it can control the load limits on the trucks more efficiently and dependably. To help such companies pinpoint where to find such truck scales and advanced weighing systems, below is an analysis of the top five suppliers of truck scales in the Midwest.

1. Walz Scale

Walz Scale offers a wide range of payload management systems and truck scales. Portable truck scales from Walz Scale are compact and light enough to be carried around. These are highly useful for almost all applications that are required for weighing of trucks. Walz portable truck scales are highly effective and they are popular for their extremely reliable services. You can also use them under most arduous of conditions.

Various types of weighbridge scales are the other solid systems offered by Walz Scale. These are very accurate and easy to maintain. Therefore, all the products of Walz Scale are very popular in many circles. You will also get highly professional service and support from Walz Scale, which include repair and maintenance.

On-board truck scales by Walz Scale comprise of a unit, which monitors the weight of a truck. On the other hand, another one provides information about this to the drivers. These types of devices offer continuous feedback about weight of the truck. So, it is very easy for making a decision regarding the same.

Walz Scale’s load scanner system is extremely unique in optimizing the loading process of a vehicle. Load scanners by Walz are highly helpful for analyzing the volume of a particular load very quickly. The system enables you to make a quick decisions on how well loads are distributed on trucks for carry-back monitoring. These devices are also helpful for determining the cost to move a particular object. Load scanners from this truck weigh scale suppliers are easy to use, very effective, and work fast.

2. American Scale Co, Inc.

This is the manufacturer of weighbridge modules, which are designed for accommodating varying lengths, electro-mechanical and electronic scales. These truck scales are designed for withstanding sudden starts and stops and truck loading. Roughdeck, RLWS, Matko, Epson, Digi, Cas, BenchMark, etc are the brand names.

3. Vulcan On-Board Scales

Vulcan is the manufacturer of weight measurement, force, and load cells equipment. The devices include shear pin load cells, shear beam load cells, deflection transducers, bending beam load cells, tension and compression load cells, etc. High strength, stainless steel and heat treated alloy steel materials are used for manufacturing these devices.

4. Norris Scales, Inc.

Norris Scales, Inc. distributes various truck, load cell, floor, monorail and crane scales. The capabilities of these devices include scale repair and rental, preventive maintenance, calibration, certification, installation, consultation, system evaluation, etc. Coal mining, aggregate, agriculture and other such industries are also using these devices. Industrial Data Systems, Emery Winslow, Cardinal, Intercomp, etc are the brand names.

5. Carolina Scales, Inc.

Carolina Scales, Inc. is the distributor of custom and standard scales. The features of the truck scales of this manufacturer include thick steel and concrete weighbridge, steel and concrete decks, double-ended shear beam load cells, heavy duty structural tubing, loading area of up to 14 ft, etc. niBridge, Surviro, Rice Lake, Intercomp, Cardinal, etc are the brand names of devices of Carolina Scales Inc.

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