Truck Load Scanner Offers Alternative to Weigh Scales

Ever since scales have been used for measuring the load weigh on trucks, numerous drawbacks (especially with regards to accuracy, portability, and maintenance) have cropped up from time to time. While constant improvements and upgrades have been made in today’s truck scale technology, there is only so much that anyone can do to refine the designs.Load Scanner Walz

A new method of weighing loads has been unveiled, which can measure loads quickly and efficiently while being be easy to install and use while at the same time was the need of hour. Several new concepts have cropped up in the market, however none of them beats the revolutionary idea of volumetric scanning.

Walz Scale, like other firms, has been constantly brainstorming to find new methods of weighing truck loads. The general idea was to develop a device which can be easy to install, and quick enough in use to keep up with modern-day requirements.

Several months of research led into the development and subsequent implementation of a truck load scanner. So what exactly is a truck load scanner and why is it this device so important in the field of measuring weights?

The Walz Load Scanner System

Simply put, Walz load scanner is a volumetric payload scanning system which would measure the payload by scanning the volume occupied in a container by the said payload. Using lasers the device would scan any given container to generate and accurate 3D image of the content.

Then using the image and inputs for density, moisture, given by the user, software calculates the mass inside the container and lets the driver know the load. To comply with the needs of companies wanting quick and easy scanning, Walz has developed ways to scan loads even while the truck is moving. Pretty impressive right? But how can the Walz load scanner affect the way your businesses?

3D load volume

Could Truck Load Scanners Replace Weigh Scales?

One of the major restrictions of scales is that they are cumbersome to install and use. In an era when logistics are a critical part of success, using scales can sometimes consume a lot of time thereby slowing down industrial production. Using load scanners allows you to overcome this as the software’s algorithms can calculate weights within fraction of a second thereby providing the driver with real-time information about his truck’s load while being on the move.Walz Truck Scale

The other major benefit comes in form of refined inventory management. Walz truck load scanner comes with a proprietary software which allows you to monitor your inventory on a real-time basis. Load measurements are fed to the database in real-time and can be accessed through many devices. This allows you to keep a track of logistics and maintain your inventory properly without going to a big bookkeeping hassle. It’s also doubles up as an ideal way to monitor production, and analyze the daily work flow.

Apart from these, truck load scanners happen to be easy to install and configure and can be operational within a day. Being a virtual scale, it doesn’t have to be re-calibrated and can work in harsh weather conditions too making it a perfect choice for a multitude of industries. It is truly a new benchmark for industrial weight measurement.

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