3 Truck Scale Rental Companies That Offer The Best Selections

Truck Scale Rentals CompaniesTruck scale rental companies are not all created equal. Aside from providing a rental solution for short term weighing needs, the only other underlying commonality behind truck scales rental companies is that they saves customers the need to spend the high price on a truck scale purchase.

Nowadays, there is an increased demand in truck scales for rent, and in several industries like farming, mining, construction, and a wide range of other industries. As a result, many truck scale suppliers have shifted their focus in one or several of these niches.

So if you need a truck scale system for rent, consider the follow companies and their core competencies as rental scale provider.

Walz Scale  Walz Scale Truck Scales

Walz Scale offer an incredible line-up of truck scales, each offering specific advantages to various users. Some of the systems Walz Scale offers includes:

  • Portable Axle Scales
  • Weighbridge Truck Scales
  • Portable Wheel Weigher
  • Grain & Farm Scales
  • Mining Scales
  • On-board Scales
  • Load Scanner Systems

Many of the truck scales for rent offered by Walz Scale are designed for weighing off-road and over-the-road vehicles, as well as some of the most advanced weighing needs. These portable truck scales are ideal for demolition, gravel, construction and other operations that move from one point to another. Walz Scale systems are easy to move and install and are also factory assembled.

Most Popular Truck Scales for Rent

Heavy-Duty Axle Scales: These are designed in a way that allows use of multiple peripheral components from ticket printers, digital weight terminals, large weight displays, receipt and even portable driver kiosk systems.
AXW 45T and 95T Axle Scales: These provide accurate weights for heavy off-road vehicles. It’s a solution for applications that need weighing of large tires, such as mining haul trucks.

Payload Pros Payload Pros

Payload Pros is a single source solution for truck scale rentals in many forms. Apart from offering some of the most advanced weighing systems for rail, road, and on-board, Payload Pros also well-known for its wide range of portable truck scales for rent.

Like Walz Scale, Payload Pros is among the leading companies to offer advanced weighing solutions for specialized industries and applications. They offer flexible and affordable truck scales for rent that cover many options varying from portable scale units to weigh trucks to more advanced weigh in motion rail scale units, which are common in mining and farming operations.

portable truck scale unit

Most Popular Truck Scales for Rent

AXW 30T Portable Truck Scale: This is designed for weighing operations that carry not more than 30 tons per load. It is engineered to give accurate weight measurement with options of dynamic or static weighing.

AXW 45T Portable Truck Scale: This is designed to handle heavy duty and rugged applications that involve weighing vehicles up to 45 tons. It gives reliable measurement for large vehicles.

Wingfield Scale Wingfield Scale

This company has portable wheel weighers, full length truck scales and axle scales which are available for rent. Each unit includes self-contained frame and steel ramps eliminating the need for concrete work and costly foundation. They are designed in a way that can be installed in your premises and weighing truck immediately.

Wingfield Scale focuses in rental applications for every requirement ranging from physical inventories to construction projects. The clients can choose from a variety of more than 1000 rental units owned by this company. Some of these scales are: Bench scales, counting scales, crane scales, portable truck scales, reel counters among others.

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