The Uniquely Casual Cycling Clothing Behind

With’s casual cycling clothing collection, you can combine style, uniqueness, and performance in a solid cycling jersey that won’t break the bank. Practical and unique, the casual cycling clothes from are a brilliant choice for cyclists everywhere. unique casual cycling clothing

The cycling clothing from are fresh and imaginative, designed to feel as great as it looks while riding. The variety of style from this company is both very unique and casual – perfect for everything from a training session to a leisurely bike ride.

Stand-Out From the Crowd, Casually casual cycling clothes

Most cycling apparel on the market tends to be either dull and boring or over-top and flashy. Go beyond the preponderance of plain black hues and an emphasis on monochromes or very simple and basic patterns.

With, you can choose from a vast variety of designs and patterns to best suit your style. The designs here range from elegant florals to inspiring digital prints (if you are looking for a cycling top that features a constellation on the front, for instance, then you have come to the right place).

Casual & Functional Cycling Clothing

As well as looking amazing, the apparel are lightweight and breathable. They are made from fabrics that are designed to reduce friction so that you can wear them on long bicycle rides if you want to. Gone are the days of having to change into cycling clothing when you want to bike to see a friend, and then having to change back again into more fashionable everyday attire upon your arrival!

With the range, you can wear the same clothes for cycling, socializing and more. In essence, this company is redefining casual cycling clothes by making them both functional and fashionable for many occasions.

Inside the Modern Style Design Collectioncasual cycling clothing

If you want to get a feel for what is all about, then it is a great idea to check out the Modern Style collection. As you can see, this range is filled with apparel that would not look out of place in a fashion store. There are stylish and flattering blouses, cool tees and much much more. But, there is one difference: all of these apparel are also very practical ones, designed to optimize your comfort as you cycle.

For example, here you will find classic cycling jerseys that do not look too dissimilar from those that are used in famous competitions like Le Tour de France. However, you will also be able to find ‘commuter jerseys’. These commuter jerseys are, to all intents and purposes, elegant blouses that can be worn to work but which are so wonderfully comfortable and breathable that, no matter how long your cycle to work is in the morning, you will arrive looking and feeling totally fresh and not at all overheated or flustered!

Where Fashion Meets Athletics is a company operating at the intersection between modern fashion and sports. If you are a keen cyclist, it certainly helps to have a few apparel in your closet. Whether you want to cycle to work without having to change your clothing when you arrive, or whether you just want to stay stylish when you go on your weekly workout on the exercise bikes at the gym, will be able to kit you out in the perfect outfit.

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