Walz Scale Delivers Multi-Industry Weighing Solutions

walz scaleWhen it comes to delivering multi-industry weighing solutions, Walz Scale is one of the top suppliers of truck scales and weighing systems for many different applications. For decades, Walz Scale has been a global leader for revolutionary weighing solutions. This has helped many players in the farming, mining, construction, aggregate, public works, waste management, transportation, and many others boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

The various truck scales and weighing solutions from Walz Scale come in different sizes, shapes, functionality to suit different sectors. Some of the top weighing solutions provided by the company include the following:

1. In-Motion Rail Scales

Walz Scale is renowned for developing some of the best in-motion rail scales. They are designed to work with rail cars and locomotives and work dynamically as well as statically. This weighing solution measures the weight of cargo while the vehicle/carrier is moving slowly and delivers readings in real-time.In-Motion Rail Scales

In addition to being accurate and efficient, the system can easily be installed on site and will work well even in demanding and unfavorable conditions. Courtesy of the bolt-in design, there is no need to modify the track.

2. On-board Weighing Scales

Walz Scale’s on-board weighing scales are popular in the farming, mining, construction, and aggregate industry. They feature a hydraulic system and advanced weighing technology that captures the weight of cargo placed on a truck bed. On-board weighing scales take measurement as farm produce, grains, aggregate, and other items are loaded on the truck.

This helps reduce the chances of overloading which may lead to fines. Also, on-board weighing scales for trucks prevent overworking of vehicles which shortens the trucks lifespan. The scales feature a user-friendly interface that displays the readings and can also offer printouts.

3. In-Motion Portable Axle Scales

In-motion Portable Axle ScalesIn-motion portable axle scales developed by Walz Scale are intended to minimize the time, effort, and cost used when weighing cargo. Traditionally, the cargo was weighed at source then as the destination. This meant double work and also wastage of time and effort. With in-motion portable truck scales that challenge is mitigated.

In-motion truck scales are designed to work on trucks that are moving slowly and work from various environments. They can be installed at the farm gate, mining site, construction site and other regions. Besides giving quick and accurate readings, these advanced portable truck axle weighing scales reduce the odds of overloading a vehicle which may consequently lead to a fine.

4. Weighbridge Truck Scalesweighbridge truck scales walz scale

Walz Scale also develops weighbridge truck scales that are meant to check the weight carried by trucks .Too much weight causes the roads to wear out much faster, and overloading makes the vehicle less responsive.

Walz Scale’s weighbridges are available in heavy duty and multiple sizes. They also come in full platform design that has been approved by MSHA. Apart from selling weighbridge scales, the company also offers truck scale rental service particularly portable truck weighing systems for rent.

walz scale truck scale software

Walz Scale also specailizes in advanced software for truck scales and payload management.

When looking for the right weighing solutions, it is critical to go for the best. It doesn’t matter whether the business is small, medium, or large scale. And considering that people want accurate, speedy, and reliable results, it is best to deal with a well-established and reputable company such as Walz Scale.

Walz Scale has been in the industry for many years, it provides a range of solutions, competitive prices, and reliable customer and after sale support. In addition to enhancing your weighing operations, Walz Scale brings you peace-of-mind with quality products that last years without requiring maintenance or re-calibration.

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