Walz Scale: Your Source for Truck Scales & Precision Weighing Equipment

Walz scale is one of the leading providers of precision weighing systems and truck scale equipment used for a wide variety of industries, such as agriculture, waste management, chemical, industrial, laboratory, mining and transportation application. Walz Truck Scale

Walz Scale has been in this business for the past fifty years and still counting. The company is renowned for providing high quality products and its customer support is unmatched. Apart from offering one of the largest selections of truck scales, the company prides itself in being one of the largest support and service organizations among mining scale applications, onboard and truck scales not only in Illinois, but globally.

Whether you are looking for a fixed weighbridge scale, portable truck scales for rent, or truck axle scale, Walz Scale has all of this covered. From individually-tailored solutions for specific clients to general payload solutions which can be implemented in various fields; Walz Scale offers a wide range of solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Truck Scale Rentals & Load Scanner Solutions

By focusing on the development of new and advanced weighing technologies which provide intrinsic value to its clients, the company has been able to develop a niche market for its products and services. Especially so for its various truck scales for rent which continues to grow in leaps and bounds; in the process, cost effectively and efficiently providing clients with world class equipments supported by the latest technology.

From rail to wheel loader scales and portable mining scales, the company has an admirable client base and is without doubt a trusted and reliable supplier of these goods and services. The mining and truck scales for rent on offer do feature advanced technologies which provide clients with quality tools which can be used to manage payload and weight data effectively.

Advanced Payload Management Solutions

Beyond truck and axle scales though, one of the main reasons why the company’s products and services are quite popular is the state of the art solutions they offer for load management. They offer top of the line 3D load scanner technology that’s supported by world class software for management and tracking purposes.

By offering these services, be it for resource aggregation or for waste management; the technology they offer can easily be integrated with a variety of truck scales, providing clients with solutions which ensure maximum throughput.

All the above mentioned technologies and equipments don’t come cheap, this is especially so if you are planning on purchasing them. The truck scale rental service offered by Walz Scale ensures that clients enjoy all these services at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost them if they were to purchase them outright.

It is also worth noting that all these solutions are not only designed to gather important data, but is also used to facilitate the transfer and subsequent processing of this data into clients systems quite seamlessly.

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