Walz Unveils Advanced Cubing System for Shipping Operations

Walz ScaleShipping companies experience a great deal of challenges in measuring and weighing packages to find out the needed specifications. Many companies must use a simple tape measure to find out the height and width specifications of a package that needs shipping.

Additionally, many packages must be hauled up onto the counter to get weighed by a scale. This takes more time and physical effort than necessary, often demanding a more effective form of dimensioning and cubing.

conveyor dimensioning cubing

The problem does not only rest with shipping companies either. Other businesses that utilize shipping services often have to guess at the size and weight of package, and hope that its specifications hit below a certain mark to lower shipping costs. This method of weighing and measuring a package or parcel wastes time, energy, and money on all accounts. Plus, when the employee of shipping company measures the specifications of a parcel, there is always greater room for error that may go unaccounted for until the last minute.

Enter: Walz Cubing System Dimensioning Cubing System by Walz

But what if you could make shipping a package much easier with a system that does it all? Business would not have to estimate the size and weight of a package, and hope that they only pay the price specified for their guess work. Shipping companies could move much more quickly in their services, with little lifting and less measuring by hand.

Walz Scale’s advanced cubing system makes these ideas into reality, with dimension weighing and dimensional scanning as features of their system. This product performs tasks such as delivering real time dimensional parcel measurements, real time dimensioning, and real time weighing of each parcel.

Anytime a business or shipping company wishes to ensure exacting measurements of any sort, they can have it down to an easy science. This product saves time and money, and is simple to use. Simply place the parcel on the scale, and the Advanced Cubing System performs all of the rest, providing accurate information about the needed measurements in one easy step.

Industry-Advanced Cubing SystemCubing System Software PC

The advanced cubing system can easily be integrated into business’s existing data record software, allowing the specifics of each parcel to be entered in as needed with ease. It works in tandem with PC software and accurately records and transfers the data into the system.

A business can enjoy the perks of eliminating errors that often occur from entering data by hand. All that is needed is the press of a button, and the needed information is delivered to the necessary slot via an internet connection. It does not get much easier than that when it comes to shipping packages regularly.

Additionally, this dimensioning and cubing system is affordable, and essentially pays for itself through error elimination and the manual labor of measuring with a tape. Thus, shipping companies can rest assured that their data is correct and stored into their system correctly, while businesses that utilize shipping services often do not have to fear that their specifications and price estimations are far off. In fact, they are accurate.

Learn more at WalzScale.com to discover more information about the features and usage of this dimensional weighing and scanning system, and enjoy access to resources like brochures.

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