Where To Buy RC Drones For Sale In Peoria, Illinois

If you’re shopping for RC drones for sale in the Peoria Area of Illinois, you might find that you’re options are limited. About a year or two ago, most people would have dismissed you as crazy. However, nowadays the buzz is all about RC drones and almost any tech-savvy individual would love to have one.

Flying RC Drone in Peoria Illinois

Drones have been gaining a lot of popularity in the Peoria Area with more and more commercial applications being developed for them. The following are some of the companies selling these drones in Illinois.

Nerds on Call

Nerds on Call is a local business located in Central Illinois. It is well known for computer and related technology solutions. The company recently unveiled its inventory of RC drones for sale. Headquartered in Peoria, Nerds on Call offers RC drones for sale on all of its five locations namely, Peru, Bloomington, Farmington, Pekin and Peoria.

The company announced just some few months ago that it is offering different drones models-most of them fitted with cameras-at affordable prices. RC drones models for sale at Nerds on Call The following are some of the RC drones for sale at Nerds.

The Syma X5C RC drone-this unique drone allows the user to experience world class flying experience. The model is available at $65.00 and is accompanied by packages such as adapter, batteries, camera, charger and an SD card. It is light but sturdily built. It also comes with propeller guards and remote control.

RC drones with camera

The Syma X11 RC drone-this is yet another great model that is available at an affordable price of $49.00 only. A charger will cost an additional $39.00. However, the model is accompanied by a set of four batteries. The model is well built and balanced just like the X5C. For more information about these and many other models, please visit the company’s official website CallRNerds.com

Horizon Hobby Horizon Drones

Hobby’s headquarters are located in Peoria, Illinois. The company offers a number of RC drones for sale. The following are the company’s most popular RC drones. The blade glimpse RC drone is your ideal model for starting out in aerial cinematography. It is highly durable and can fly both outdoors and indoors. Its integrated HD camera can deliver images and videos to a number of smart devices at the same time.

This RC drone is also accompanied with SAFE technology that makes learning to fly the drone very easy. It is available at an affordable price of $179.99 only. Nano QX 3D RC drone breaks all the barriers of maneuverability by making inverted flight, high speed flips and pin turns simple to perform. It can flip 180-360 degrees at the press of a button. It is light weight yet tough enough to perform outstanding air flips.

This RC drone is available at $99.99. For more information about these and other models, please visit the companies Facebook page or call 1800 338 4639.

Hobbicodrone offering

Hobbico is also located in Peoria, Illinois and serves as one of the leading supplier of RC drones from different companies. Among the products hobbico supplies, 30 brands are from Hobbico. The following are the most common RC drones available at Hobbico.

The Dromida Ominus is one of the easiest RC drones to fly, both indoors and outdoors. The drone is available in either white or black color. It is radio controlled and electric powered. It has a flip button, a 2-channel radio and a LED light indicator. It is available at $74.48. The Estes Proto X RC model that is usually ready to fly and comes in six different body colors.

Like most drones for sale, this model is radio controlled, electric powered and has LED light indicators at the back and front of the heli. It is for indoor uses only. It is available at an affordable price of $24.95. The heli-max RC drone model that is also electric powered and ready to use. It is very durable and has 4 independently controlled rotor blades making it easy to use for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

This model requires electronic devices such as a computer with an USB cord to charge. It is available at a cost of $78.95. For more information about these and more models from Hobbico, please visit the Hobbico Facebook page or call them on 217-398-0007. You can also shoot them an email at webmaster@hobbico.com. There are many companies selling RC drones in Illinois. The three discussed above have the best deals and amazing collections.

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