5 Advanced Zebra Products for Logistics Business Automation

Zebra ProductsOne of the leading manufacturers for digital computing devices and components, Zebra offers a huge range of products and solutions to make the workflow in the field of logistics business and automation even more convenient and simplified.

To gain a better insight into which devices are most suited for your business needs, here are five Zebra products for logistics business automation that are no less than a boon.

1. Zebra VC5090 Vehicle Mounted Computer

A marvelous blend of durable rugged construction and advanced wireless networking, the Zebra VC5090 allows for real-time data collection in the toughest working environments, whether its the freezer, the loading dock or the warehouse. vc5090 zebra computer

Engineered to provide all the tools you would ever need for the maximum productivity and minimum errors in shipping as well as putting away and picking applications, the Zebra VC5090 vehicle mounted computer offers a highly efficient decision making, thereby bringing a huge impact to your entire workflow.

The streamlined freight and shipment tracking, the warehouse operations and the reliability of the Zebra VC5090 make this device truly standout among most other gadgets of its kind.

2. Zebra Psion VH10 Mobile Computer

psion vh10 zebra productsThe Zebra Psion VH10 takes the efficiency in terms of material handling and forklift operations to an all new level and accuracy. Designed in order to provide real-time information, this ingeniously engineered gets the job done fast and right with its flawless and varied features. Rugged for superior reliability and freezer-ready, it can handle the roughest of handling, whereas the multiple mounting options and compact size make it fit in virtually any material handling vehicle.

The backward compatibility and flexible wireless connectivity of the Zebra Psion VH10 make this device work to the fullest productivity, that’s even more enhanced by the indoor/outdoor viewing touch display and an intuitive elastometric keyboard.

3. Zebra RS419 Wearable Computer (Ring Scanner)

HC1 Zebra wearable computerPutting the latest scanning technology at the fingertips of the workers, the RS419 next generation ring scanning improves their operational efficiency, providing superior scanning performance with the SE966 scan engine that can read even damaged bar codes. This wearable computer is ideal of logistics businesses with large warehouses for inventory storage.

The Zebra RS419 is the perfect computer and communication system for picking and packing not only offers task accuracy, but also cuts the time otherwise spent on paper work or operating with a regular hand-held scanner. Designed for the most demanding and scan-intensive environments, this scanner runs on a wide working range and can accommodate different hand sizes, at the same time letting the user easily switch between both hands.

4. Zebra FX7500 RFID Reader

Zebra FX7500 RFID ReaderThe FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader sports a remarkable radio technology that offers a consistent performance in terms of faster, accurate readings even in the harshest working conditions. Flexible configuration options, a highly flexible Linux-based network architecture, and huge range of connectivity features allow for a fast and simplified management of RIFD applications, supporting tracking and storing of inventory quite efficiently.

Suitable for all environments and logistics warehouses, the FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader packed in a compact, attractive casing offers excellent radar sensitivity and great interference rejection. You can seamlessly work with different business class applications with the endless list of the truly appealing functionalities of the device.

5. Zebra MC3190-Z RFID Handheld Reader

The business-class RFID reader has been designed to offer the great assistance of RFID to businesses operating on customer-facing with its rugged constructions and high performance through an advanced, highly efficient RFID reader technology for quicker read rates and greater throughput.

This one is an extremely versatile device having a new breathtaking orientation-insensitive antenna, thereby being an ideal gadget to be used for RFID reading in almost all customer facing work platforms, whether its a retail store, a shipping job or logistics.

To learn more about these products, or to see more similar models, visit Zebra.com, the official website of Zebra products for business automation.

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